The Re-Birth of Cool. How The Car Industry’s Least Hip Car Manufacturer Has Revived It’s Image.

There are a lot of cars that spring to mind when you think of the word “cool”. The Dodge Charger, The Ford Mustang, pretty much any classic Rolls Royce. But there’s one manufacturer who very rarely ends up on that kind of list: Volvo. So why are they at the forefront of the re-birth of cool?

Volvos have always had something of an image problem. Not because the cars were bad. In fact, they’ve always been some of the safest and most reliable cars on the market. The main issue is that often, because of this reputation for safety and reliability, the broad cultural idea of Volvo’s cars was that they were distinctly uncool.

However, over the last few years, Volvo seems to have realised this. Not only have they continued to make safe, reliable cars, but they have learned a few things about style and, most importantly, how to be cool.


the re-birth of cool

The Re-Birth of Cool is In The Technology

If there’s one thing that has come to define the idea of cool in the modern era, it’s technology. ¬†Thanks to companies like Apple, what was once the exclusive realm of nerds in the basements has now become one of the biggest industries in the world.

Of course, it didn’t take long for car manufacturers to realise the potential of technology and embrace it. Volvo is no exception to this with many of its newer models using everything from Bluetooth connectivity to their own dedicated Volvo OnCall app.


the re-birth of cool

The Re-Birth of Cool is In The Design

Of course, the main thing that causes many people to decide whether or not a car is cool is the way it looks. If a car is boxy, inelegant or dated looking, then it’s never going to be considered cool.(At least until it becomes vintage and things come full circle all over again!)

Because of that Volvo has adopted a much sleeker, more modern design. The new Volvo models are all this fantastic balance of elegant curves and sharp, clean lines. This way they’ve been able to get out of the clunky stereotype they’ve always had without looking like bubble cars.


the re-birth of cool

The Re-Birth of Cool is In The Price

If you want your car to be both cool and popular, then people have to be able to actually buy it. Volvo seems to have taken a lot of design influence from more expensive manufacturers but are applying them to cars that are more affordable for your average person.

These Cars & Co new Volvo deals show that modern, cutting edge design doesn’t need to empty your bank account.


the re-birth of cool

The Re-Birth of Cool is In The Power

Volvos have never really been prized for their engine power, but the newer models have a lot more going on under the hood than you might expect. With things like the supercharged T6 engine under the hood of the V60 offering speeds of up to 143mph!

Of course, even with all of these changes, Volvo’s not going to be able to convert everyone, simply because taste in cars is such a subjective thing. But over the last few years, Volvo and many other manufacturers in plenty of industries have really started to learn what they can do to improve their image and embrace what makes them cool.

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