If 1,000 people were asked what they’d like to change about their appearance, a better smile would be the top answer. A smile that’s not insta-worthy can create angst and a lack of confidence in many people. So what can you do?

And while most people think that they are unable to correct their imperfections, the truth is that you can build a better smile in just three easy steps. In fact, it’s as easy as ABC.

Alignment for a better smile

Getting a straighter smile is undoubtedly the most effective way to build a better overall appearance. It will allow you to radiate a friendlier vibe while also boosting your confidence. Aside from the aesthetic rewards, it can actually boost oral health by preventing future tooth loss. It can also help your speech and remove discomfort for your gums and tongue.

Some people are genetically fortunate to have straight teeth. If yours require realignment, experts like Super Smile can provide a range of treatments to make it happen. Fast. Whether you have a natural overbite, damaged teeth due to an injury, or have a couple of pesky teeth doesn’t matter. Realignment will overhaul your appearance for the better.

The benefits extend to facial shape and symmetry. Crucially, straighter teeth will provide the foundation to maximise the impacts of the other steps needed to gain a winning smile.

Brightness for a better smile

As well as straighter teeth, most people desire pearly white teeth reminiscent of the Hollywood smile. It can certainly be argued that some celebs and influencers go a little too far with unnatural sparkles. Still, there is no question that most people would like to brighten their smiles by at least a few shades of witness. There are several ways to make it happen.

Professional treatments can certainly work wonders. In fact, older people or those with oral health issues may look at dentures. In most cases, though, home whitening can be very effective. Kits like the Snow White package can work wonders. Meanwhile, staying on top of your daily oral hygiene with brushing, flossing, and mouthwash will help.

A brighter, whiter smile will make you want to show off your look time and time again. When combined with your realignment, you’ll feel like a brand new person. 

Care for a better smile

Building a winning smile is one thing, but maintaining it is another altogether. The good cleaning routines are a good starting point. However, you will also need to think about adjusting your habits. This is a good incentive to quit smoking while you may also want to reduce your consumption of drinks that are known to cause stains.

Consciously learning to not grind your teeth is another positive step. For the best results, though, you also need to tackle facial acne and keep your lips in good health. After all, a better smile isn’t solely about your teeth. The whole facial region requires attention or else you will experience a significantly reduced impact. Conversely, getting it right will pay dividends.

Gaining a better smile also encourages you to take greater care of other features. Embrace these steps in 2021, and the improvements will extend to all aspects of your world.

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