Having a stylish spare room may be a luxury for some. In many households, there are no spare rooms, so having one you can redecorate and not have it used every day is a bit special.

Whilst it is nice to have guests, you want them to announce themselves first, and not be the “we’re just two minutes away, get the kettle on!” kind. Ideally, they’ll be invited first, which gives you the opportunity to arrange your home to welcome them. Having a stylish spare room available is the ultimate.

stylish spare room

The thing about having friends come to visit, though, is that a time comes when they need to leave. So if you’re seeing a friend who you haven’t met up with in a while, you inevitably find your eyes sweeping towards the clock. The phrase “so much to talk about, so little time” was never more appropriate. Which is why it’s always best if you have a bedroom in which they can stay over.

Of course, unless you’re the Queen, the likelihood is this means that a house set up for you suddenly needs to accommodate more. As organizationally skilled as you may be, this is enough to make the pulse race a little. So you need to make sure you always have a stylish spare room ready to go.

stylish spare room

“Our Guest Will Be Accompanied By…”

Although we often say “the more, the merrier,” this usually applies to events taking place outside the home. You wouldn’t be impressed if you came home to find an additional eighteen people suddenly crammed in, would you? However, when it comes to fitting in guests, two people shouldn’t be a stretch.

Unless you live the single lifestyle, your guest bedroom should always have at least a double bed. Then you can accommodate friends on their own and “couple friends.”

stylish spare room

Make It Easy For Them To Stay Over

As we get older, sometimes meeting up gets harder. Job, family and other commitments can get in the way. If a friend has had a baby, this can quickly become a reason these meetups stop happening.

So it’s a good idea to make the place child-friendly even if you don’t have kids of your own. It doesn’t mean you put a ball-pit in the living room (although come to think of it, that sounds amazing!). A bed that suits the baby – something from Cuckooland’s cotbed collection and others like it – makes a big difference. That way your guests don’t have to rush home to let the babysitter get away.

If guests know you have a stylish spare room in which they can stay, they will be more likely to accept overnight invitations. And if they can bring the baby, even better.

stylish spare room

Little Touches That Would Shame The Ritz

You know when your friends leave and say “we must do this again soon!”. Somehow that doesn’t happen as often as we would like. But friends will always make the extra effort to come over if they have a perfect guest experience. This doesn’t just mean trusting them with the WiFi password – although that’s a polite, classy touch.

Creating a stylish spare room means both permanent and temporary fixtures. I love adding a big vase of fresh flowers, some scented candles, and beautiful fluffy towels. An antique baker’s tray (a tray on an upright frame) is perfect for including a kettle, cups, tea and coffee selection, and some biscuits.  Guests can have a midnight snack or early morning cuppa without waking you up.

stylish spare room

Having art works or framed prints on the wall will add warm touches, and can be ideal for using spare pictures you want to keep. If you really want to impress, put a framed photo of your guests on the bedside table (night stand).

You can also but extra special sheets and bedding that you wouldn’t use every day on their bed. Add extra European and standard pillows for an extra sumptuous feel. Place a couple of books or magazines they like in the room and matches so they can light the scented candles.

stylish spare room

Stylishly put a mohair throw or soft blanket over a chair in case it gets cold in the night. Although any stylish spare room worth it’s salt will have an electric blanket, right? It’s all about their comfort, making them feel special.

Do all of this, and getting rid of them will be your hardest task!

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