Selling your home is a big decision to make and also a job which requires a lot of research, planning and stress relief for all parties involved.

To sell your house quickly and without any hiccups, there are a few things which you will need to take into account and learn along the way. Renovating for sale and selling your home isn’t always straightforward but it can be a lot less stressful.

selling your home

1. Choose the right estate agent

The first step to the successful sale of your home is choosing the right real estate agent for the marketing and sale. It is essential to choose your real estate agent carefully; don’t just pick the first one you see, because it will make a big difference to your life.

Make sure that you choose an agent who is not too expensive but also not too cheap. When you are looking for an agent you want to pick the happy median.

2. Don’t worry about the house price you are given

When it comes to selling your home, you may get conflicting reports as to its value. Some real estate agents will inflate the expected sale price in order to gain the listing. So some of your own research on places like to see what sale prices have been achieved in your area.

If you have over-capitalised when renovating your home, you may not get back what you have put in. There is a lot of emotion involved when you have renovated a home. A good real estate agent will manage your emotions and expectations.

selling your home

3. Look at the front of the home

Your driveway and the front garden is the single most important part to get right because it is the first impression people will have when they visit your home. Take it from Sash & Jayd, you need to increase your curb appeal and you can do this by spending some time on your front garden.

Simply cleaning the front door and adding a hanging floral basket will make a huge difference to the first impression people have of your home when they come to view it.

selling your home

4. De-clutter

When selling your home, you don’t need to completely redecorate and add in three more rooms, although these things can sometimes add value to the home.

All you really need to ensure is that anyone who visits your home is able to see the space on offer and make a judgement on your home as a whole. They should be able to imagine their furniture in place of yours and feel welcome when they come in. The best way you can do this is to simply take the time to clear out old stuff and tidy up.

By clearing a shelf which was previously full of items, you will create space and allow the room to look much larger. This will come to your benefit when selling because people like to have space to move around.

selling your home

5. Don’t forget the little things

Always think about the little details which can make your home stand out from the rest on a potential buyers list. Maybe you have a great view of the garden from your kitchen, you might have a mini bar in the lounge or perhaps your home is simply laid out in a way that makes people feel at home.

When you prepare for a home visit you want to remember to put out the soft cushions, place some lovely ornaments and add those all-important homely touches to make it as attractive as possible to buyers.

6. Highlight each room

One of the things which you need to be aware of is that buyers will always want to be able to picture themselves living in the home as they walk around it. Because of this, you want to create the most inviting home possible for them to make things easier on their end.

Make sure that you define every room in the home and give it a purpose. Even if you have a spare room which is never used for anything it is important to show buyers that it could function as an office or a bedroom.

Demonstrate your home’s potential at every possible turn.

selling your home

7. Don’t tag along

The worst thing you can do when people come to view your home is follow them around and try to ask them questions. It will make them feel under scrutiny and will likely make them want to leave as soon as possible. In fact, if you have a selling agent you shouldn’t be in the home at all when potential buyers visit.

An agent will let them wander around at their own leisure and this will allow them to have a conversation amongst themselves about the space and what it could be for them.r

8. Show off your garden

Outdoor space is one of the greatest drives for potential buyers if they have a young family or a beloved pet. Don’t take your garden for granted in the run-up to selling your home.

Make the most of showing off every little space you have available to you and have some fun sprucing it up a little before you get a viewing. This could be the crucial thing which sells your home above the others they might have considered, so make the most of it!

selling your home

9. Choose a good buyer

Even though you might be tempted to simply accept the first offer you receive, but you shouldn’t jump into this without truly thinking about who is buying your home.

As with any transaction you need to make sure a buyer is trustworthy and able to follow through on the sale. Your real estate agent will be able to assess potential buyers. However, in some States and Countries, every offer on a property MUST be given to the home owner by the real estate agent. Check to see if this is the case where you live.

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