Summer has come to a close and the winter months are fast approaching, so it’s not all too surprising that many of us are considering renewing our wardrobes.

The types of clothes that we have been wearing over the past few months might not be quite so appropriate as the temperature drops and the weather worsens.

However, with a new wardrobe comes a large price tag and many of us will want to actively minimise the costs that could be incurred with preparing ourselves for the colder months of the year.

reducing costs when renewing your wardrobe

So, here are a few steps that you can take to achieve a cosy winter look without breaking the bank!

Repairing Old or Worn Shoes

While sandals, sliders, slip on shoes, and lightweight sneakers may have fared well during the summer months, the winter months require something a little more sturdy and weather resistant.

This is why boots become increasingly popular and more commonly worn. However, boots do tend to be more expensive, as they are composed of tougher materials and require a little more craftsmanship to create.

reducing costs when renewing your wardrobe

Perhaps you have shoes that you adore and are well worn in, but they have a little damage such as lose soles, broken heels, or loose stitching. Consider having them repaired rather than throwing them aside and purchasing a brand new pair.

Using a reliable company like il Ciabattino will save you a whole lot of money and restore your favourite boots to brilliant condition.


Thrift and charity stores are prevalent on our high streets and filled with seemingly endless supplies of clothing. Sure, they may be second hand, but most stores have a policy where only high-quality, clean clothing can be donated.

reducing costs when renewing your wardrobe

You can also try everything on in store to determine whether it fits well or not. If you happen to visit a store at the right time, you can actually find designer goods with extremely low price tags.


Depop is a relatively new sales app filled with people selling all sorts of items, however, the main bulk of items sold through the app fall into the category of “clothing”.

Unlike many items on auction sites such as eBay, listings have set prices, but you can message the seller to barter and have the price lowered. Many sellers also offer free postage.

This is a great place to pick up low cost items for much cheaper than you would be able to find on the high street.

reducing costs when renewing your wardrobe

These are just a few different ways that you can significantly reduce the costs of renewing your wardrobe for the winter months. Remember that a new look doesn’t have to cost you a small fortune!

Try to keep everything that you buy in as good condition as possible. This will allow you to store them away, ready to pull out again next winter!

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