If you always wanted a powerful physique, you probably learned that training the big muscle groups is the way to do it. Gurus told you to focus your efforts on the glutes, quads, traps and chest. It all seemed so simple. 

It turns out, though, that the body is much more complicated than people imagined. If you want a powerful physique, you need more than just size – you need posture and strength too. Ultimately it is impossible to build a strong body that is not functional. The two go hand-in-glove. 

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Aesthetic considerations mean that the vast majority of people focus extensively on the major muscle groups. But if it is an athletic physique you’re after, you need to focus on the stabilizer muscles too. Without them, you won’t get far. 

Building A Powerful Physique

This fact is a dirty little secret of the fitness industry. There’s an idea that hitting the weights month after month, will eventually generate results. But that’s rarely how it works in practice. Exercising big muscles is only part of the task. All great strength trainers know that you also need to force adaptation in the supporting tissue to maximise results and avoid injury. 

The shoulder joint is a good case in point. Three major muscles comprise the shoulder: the front, middle and rear deltoids. The front raises the arm in front and the middle to the side. The rear helps to bring the shoulders back when you shrug. Each, therefore, plays a significant role in movement. 

Interestingly, though, they don’t begin the movement when your arm is by your side. Stabilizer muscles deep in the shoulder do that instead. It is only part-way through the action that the major muscle groups take over. 

How To Train Stabilizer Muscles

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You don’t need a posture corrector device to train your stabilizer muscles. Instead, you can do it by deploying specific natural training techniques that target them. 

You shouldn’t apply large forces to stabilizer muscles. Most of them are very small and prone to tearing under excessive strain. Furthermore, you’ll want to use minimal resistance when training. Any more than that could put too much stress on your joints, which won’t help in developing a powerful physique

Training stabilizer muscles usually involves choosing a light weight and performing a high number of repetitions. Getting the alignment right is essential. Failing to do so can result in severe injury and permanent damage to the joint. Some of the most effective stabilizer muscle routines revolve around using a stability ball, but, again, you don’t actually need any sophisticated equipment to perform them. 

The Effects Of Training Stabilizer Muscles

The effects of correctly training stabilizer muscles can be considerable. Fortifying your erector spinae will help to improve your posture and keep your body more upright. Adding strength to your rotator cuff will give you those coveted, round bowling ball-like shoulder muscles. And focusing on the minor muscles in the pelvis will increase the size of the glutes, making your butt stick out more. 

For a powerful physique, working on your stabilizer muscles should become a regular part of your routine.

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