The perfect photographic smile, or the lack of one, may be the reason you hate having your photo taken, right? Certainly Victoria Beckham has spoken of her dislike of her smile.

Do you hate having your photo taken? You are not alone! A lot of us feel uncomfortable when the camera shines on us. And we hate the result when we look at the photo don’t see the perfect photographic smile.

If you need to take 100 selfies to get it right, there is nothing wrong with you, promise! You simply haven’t learned how to master the art of taking the perfect photo. In any photo, the most important thing is your smile, so read on for some top tips on achieving selfie smile perfection.


perfect photographic smile

For the perfect photographic smile, don’t try too hard

Whenever someone takes a photo of us, we are always told to ‘smile,’ which can lead to us producing a forceful, exaggerated grin. The key is to avoid smiling too hard.

Taking a great photograph is all about creating a connection with the viewer. You should focus on looking friendly, rather than trying to appear happy. A natural, friendly pose will convey happiness in any case.

You don’t need to force this. Having some teeth on show is the best way to go, but there is no need to show off your full set.


perfect photographic smile

Practice to achieve the perfect photographic smile

You know what they say; practice makes perfect. This is definitely the case when it comes to taking a great photograph. Don’t worry if achieving the perfect smile does not come to you instantly.

Practice in front of the mirror until you get it right. You should play around with turning your head so you can find your best angle.

Take care of your teeth

You need to look after yourself if you are to achieve the perfect smile in your photographs. If you have damaged teeth, same day crowns are available, which can instantly transform your smile and give you more confidence too.

Crowns are basically like a cap that covers any damaged teeth, so they really do work wonders. There are a number of other ways you can achieve healthy teeth.

This includes knowing when to brush your teeth, for example, you need to avoid brushing your teeth immediately after drinking wine and orange juice, as they soften the enamel.


perfect photographic smile


Be natural for the perfect photographic smile

Of course, this is a lot easier said than done. There’s nothing natural about taking a photograph when you know it is happening. However, it is important to be as relaxed as possible. Your lower lip should match the curve of your upper teeth.


perfect photographic smile

Choose lipstick with care

Last but not least, choose your lipstick carefully. If you select the right shade lipstick, it can make your teeth look whiter. However, if you get it wrong, you can make your smile less appealing.

This is especially the case if you go for one that is too red or too dark. It is all about knowing what works with your skin tone. Shades like rosy pink, plum, berry, wine, and cherry red work well.

Pink or blue-based undertones help to hide any yellow stains on your teeth.

Use the tips above, and you will be shocked by how different you look next time you take a photograph!

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