Most homeowners consider their indoor and outdoor spaces to be entirely different. Although this is accurate, it is possible to erase this boundary in a way that allows you to create more space in your home.

Besides making your home look sleek and modern, this merging indoor and outdoor living spaces also improves your home’s usability. So, do you want to create a room that flows into your garden? Are you looking for more space to host your social events at home?

Here are some tips for merging your indoor and outdoor spaces.

  1. Use complimentary architecture

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When working on your design, ensure that the materials you use for the outdoor space complement the materials used indoors. For example, if your interior space comes with a specific lighting system or design, extend that to the exterior. You can also copy architectural elements like the flooring, countertops, and light fixtures to ensure that they are mirrored in the outdoor space. It is vital to ensure that every material used is of outdoor quality to withstand the harsh elements it will be exposed to. 

  1. Create wide openings

Don’t hesitate to invest in a wide opening to link your interior with your outdoor space. You can use large bi-folding doors to usher in a new perspective and let in a flood of light. Some experts also believe large accordion doors can blur out the optical barriers between the indoor and outdoor spaces. You can also go for sliding doors, which tend to take up less space to operate. Again, it is essential to ensure that the construction creates a flowing transition from one space to another.

  1. Create a covering

It is always best to provide some coverage for your outdoor area. A covering keeps the space protected from rain, snow, and other elements and provides shade when you need it. Doing this helps to make the space usable at any time of the day. If you are concerned about blocking off some outside views, you can choose from a range of vergolas. These open-close roof systems help to expand the view available to you. It also adds a lot of functionality and versatility to your home, as it helps create a more comfortable space for you all year round. 

  1. Dress up the outdoors

Once you open up your space, you need to dress it up appropriately. Pick out the right outdoor or garden furniture that will easily complement the interior and act as a blur out for the boundary between your indoor and outdoor space. If your opening leads to your outdoor garden, add some colours from your garden to your indoor space to create some flow. Also, place some of your plants around your patio for the same effect. 

  1. Link the entertainment zones

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You can add a TV and extend your Wi-Fi connectivity to the outdoors to connect your entertainment zones. You can also create an extension for your indoor sound and entertainment system by adding some audio speakers to your outdoor space. 

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