Natural interiors are hugely popular particularly for people who may not have easy access to nature directly from their home. They are also popular with people who seek to remain connected to nature when they live in the City.

Others find organic shapes, natural fibres and sustainable design their key wants for natural interiors. But why? Because nature is fantastic. Being outdoors has many excellent benefits. You get more vitamin D; your stress levels are reduced, you feel happier, more creative and more energetic. But, it doesn’t have to stop there.

These benefits don’t have to be confined to your time outdoors. You can bring nature and natural elements into your interior design.

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Creating natural interiors can also boost your creativity and mood, as well as helping you to sleep and increasing your energy levels.

Some natural elements might even help to keep the air in your home clean and purified, improving your health and skin. The best thing is, there are plenty of ways to do it.

Let Light In

Light is perhaps the most important natural element and one that you need in your home. Natural light has so many health benefits. Not least that it’s your body’s best source of vitamin D, which boosts your immune system.

Being exposed to more natural light also helps your body to absorb melatonin, allowing it to regulate your sleep cycles better.

natural interiors

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Fortunately, it’s also one of the most accessible natural elements to incorporate into your décor. You just need to let it in. Bin your dark, heavy curtains, replacing them with light coloured custom roman blinds. Clean your windows and open them when you can or add larger windows and sliding doors to really maximise the impact.

Add Greenery

When we think of nature the colour that most often springs to mind is green. We think of luscious green grass, tall green trees and green-blue waters.

Painting some walls green is excellent, but nothing beats bringing in some leafy green plants and shrubs, succulents and trees. These can improve the air quality of your home and help you to relax as well as looking fantastic.

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Add splashes of colour with fresh flowers and bright indoor plants.

Just make sure you shop for plants and trees sensibly. Don’t buy anything that needs a lot of love and care if you know that you are unlikely to give it.

Succulents are a fantastic option if you aren’t particularly good with plants as they hardly need any water or love to thrive.

Use Wood and Other Natural Material

Next, look at the materials in your home. Are they natural? Most of us have the odd veneer bookshelf or table, but these don’t scream nature like using thick chunks of wood or adding a stone wall.

Expose any natural materials that you can and add more with your furniture choices to create beautifully natural interiors.

Aura by Tracie Ellis from Aura Home

Add a Water Feature

The sound of running water on a warm spring day is one of the most relaxing things going. But, why confine this to the great outdoors? Why not add a mini water feature to your lounge?

It doesn’t need to be massive or expensive to run to give you that lovely sound of gently flowing water.


There’s plenty of art out there based on nature, and it can be hard to choose. So, think of places that mean something to you and your family.

Get photographs and paintings that reflect these. Check for unique wall art created by Australian artists.

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