These four must-do checkups may have passed you by recently given how busy our lives become. However, you MUST attend to these as a matter of priority.

We all know that visiting a medical professional is important. However, we rarely ever go for proactive tests. Instead, we only ever visit a doctor or go to a hospital when we’re suffering from something.

Whether we’re in an immense amount of pain or if we’re experiencing dizzy spells and other health ailments, we only ever go to see a doctor when we experience symptoms. Instead of waiting for our bodies to weaken, here are a four must-do checkups that you should really attend on a regular basis to ensure your body is in top condition.

Local doctor visits can be daunting, but they’re necessary (Source)

Must-do checkups

Must-do checkups #1 : Mental Health Screening

Although awareness surrounding mental health conditions have improved over the past couple of years, there’s still a negative stigma surrounding them. In fact, if you even take a mental health screening test and people learn about it, you could be ridiculed for it and treated like an outcast by people.

However, it’s an important test to take especially if you’re reaching the later stages in your life. Whether it’s depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety or post-traumatic stress, it’s important to carry out mental health screening in order to learn about these conditions before they have a chance to negatively impact your life.

Luckily, there are many online mental health screening examinations that can help you test for the most common disorders. Although these shouldn’t be used as an alternative to a professional medical service, they can still provide you with some preliminary information to help you decide if you want to take it further or not.

Screenings are generally quick and only take a couple of minutes to complete. Your responses to the screening will determine the likelihood of you suffering from a mental condition such as bipolar disorder or anxiety, and it can go a long way to improving your overall mental stability.

These types of conditions are best caught early so that you have a better chance of improving your condition.

Must-do checkups

Must-do checkups #2 : Dental Health

Far too many people neglect their dental hygiene. It’s recommended that you go to your dentist for a checkup and hygienist session at least once every 6 months. This is to ensure that plaque build-up isn’t affecting your teeth or gums and to keep them shining to help your smile radiate.

You can visit a dentist here online and book an appointment if you’re looking for fast results. It’s best to always look around for the closest dentist to you, but don’t neglect to look at reviews either.

Dental hygiene is difficult to manage even if you brush and floss two or three times a day. There are many spots that our toothbrushes might not reach, and you’ll want to have regular checkups regardless to ensure that your overall dental health is in good condition. Understandably, many people are afraid of visiting the dentist due to the potential of pain and bleeding.

Even though your gums will likely bleed during a hygienist session, they’re incredibly safe and your dentist will take great care of you. In short, don’t forget that your teeth also require maintenance, and if you haven’t been to a dentist in several years, then it might be worth getting a checkup as soon as possible.

Dental hygiene and quickly spiral out of control (Souce)

Must-do checkups

Must-do checkups #3 : Cholesterol Test

Cholesterol is a fat-like substance that exists naturally in our bodies. It plays an important role in our body because the body uses it to produce mornings. Our bodies only need a bit of cholesterol to work properly, and excess amounts are typically stored in our arteries.

Sadly, this buildup around the arteries can increase your risk of heart attack since the arteries are being narrowed, meaning less blood circulates around the body. This can affect the brain, it can cause a stroke and it can even cause diseases.

It goes without saying that the blocking of your arteries due to excess cholesterol is a bad thing, which is why it’s important to take a test to check your current levels (if any)

Weight loss is a great way to naturally cut down your cholesterol, but if your medical professional discovers that your arteries are already fairly clogged, then it’s going to require a serious shift in your lifestyle just to treat it.

Fasting is required before you take a cholesterol test, so make sure you’re about to meet the specifications or else you’ll get inaccurate results that can’t be used effectively.

Must-do checkups

Must-do checkups #4 : Body Mass Index

Many people don’t realise if or when they are overweight. A BMI calculator can often determine if you’re overweight, but the results should be used with a grain of salt and it’s better to speak with a registered professional that can help you measure your BMI.

Instead of just telling you if you’re overweight or not, professional BMI assessments will give you plenty more information. BMI examinations typically cover everything from heart to lungs and even cancer. It’s more akin to a full body check than just a BMI examination.

You’ll spend a lot longer during a BMI test than other tests, but you’ll receive quality and detailed results that you can look through at your own pace once the doctor approves of it.

Much like the cholesterol situation, losing weight can be one of the best ways to lower your BMI. Obesity is becoming a major problem in several countries around, which is why we need to educate ourselves on healthy body weights and how they relate to your BMI.

A lot of people underestimate how much they actually weigh until they’ve taken a BMI test. Everyone should have some body fat, but it’s easy to start reaching excessive amounts where your weight and size start to become a problem.

These are just 4 of many must-do checkups that people will need to take on a regular basis to ensure their health is in safe hands. To summarise, it’s always a good idea to try and be prepared for future ailments and illnesses instead of trying to react to it when it becomes a problem.

Must-do checkups

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