A luxury waterfront villa may seem out of your league, but maybe it’s not.

Whether you are looking to buy a family home or a holiday villa, one of the most pivotal factors to consider is location. For most people, a luxury waterfront villa means having a stunning view and being in a beautiful area. This can often translate to a waterfront property. After all, is there anything more magical than waking up in the morning and looking across the sea?

If this sounds like just your sort of thing and you want to buy a waterfront property, there are a number of factors that need to be considered carefully first. So, let’s take a look…


Consider beachfront vs off-beach property –

Whilst it’s a luxury waterfront villa you want, is it the best choice? One of the first decisions you need to make is whether to opt for a property that is situated on the beachfront, or whether to go for an off-beach property. This all comes down to the lifestyle you want to lead vs. the potential problems of being located on a beach.

So, let’s start with the benefits of buying a family home or holiday home on a beachfront. Of course, you get the sheer luxury of it all, and there is the fact that your property will appreciate faster. On the flip side, you are more likely to experience storm-related and weather-related damages, so it is really important to keep this in mind so that you can carry out the necessary precautions.


luxury waterfront villa

Hire a land surveyor or an engineer –

It is also a good idea to hire a land surveyor or an engineer if you are going to buy a waterfront property. You should get them to discover the highest level of the tide, and they should note whether the tides are continuously high.

If so, is this going to cause a problem to your property later down the line? An engineer, land surveyor, or geological inspector should also be able to check the stability of the shore, as well as the land around it.

They will research storm surges and tidal surges, as well as checking for erosion, so that they can provide you with a full report.


Flood and hurricane liability –

You will find that hurricane and flood liability is not often a part of your home insurance package, and so you will need to buy this separately. It is with talking to your real estate agent to see what methods of protection they recommend putting in place for your investment.

It is with talking to your real estate agent to see what methods of protection they recommend putting in place for your luxury waterfront villa investment.


luxury waterfront villa

The lifestyle the property provides –

Last but not least, no doubt, the main reason you are considering a beachfront property is because of the lifestyle it provides. You will have visions of luxury, relaxation, and sheer paradise. Make sure this is actually what you are going to get.

Visit the area at different times of the year, and different times of the day. What is the beach itself like? Is it a private beach? Or is it open to the public? If the latter applies, do you want hundreds of strangers lounging in front of your property every day?

Know what you are getting yourself into.

luxury watefront villa

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