Low-impact exercise has long been lauded for its care of joints, especially knees, and for people who aren’t as fit as they could be. However there are other benefits too.

A significant percentage of women will suffer from an arthritis-related condition at some point in the future. That sometimes happens due to genetics, but in most instances, you wear your joints out through constant movement, strain, and not pursing low-impact exercise.

Doctors will recommend that you should aim to stay as active as possible to ensure the illness doesn’t worsen too quickly.

However, most people with arthritis suffer a lot of pain, and so using the running machines at your local gym is often out of the question. Considering that, there are some low-impact exercise suggestions on this page that you might want to use to ensure you don’t become a couch potato.

Considering that, there are some low-impact exercise suggestions on this page that you might want to use to ensure you don’t become a couch potato.

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Low-Impact Exercise: Join A Yoga Class

Yoga is a fantastic exercise method that people in Asia and other parts of the world used hundreds of years ago. Still, the technique stood the test of time, and it’s always a popular choice today.

Search online to find groups and classes in your local area, then going along and give it a try. When all’s said and done, Yoga works on making the body as flexible as possible. So, it’s ideal for anyone who has arthritis at the moment. Just remember that you should never try to run before you can walk.

So, if you experience any pain during the class, take a moment out and relax until you recuperate. It’s also wise to let the instructor know about your condition ahead of time.

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Low-Impact Exercise: Try Pilates

Pilates is another low-impact exercise that most physiotherapists recommend to their patients. The Anzac Parade pilates approach is almost guaranteed to make improvements for people with arthritis.

However, you should search around online until you find a program that tickles your fancy. In most instances, you can perform the workout at home once you understand the basics.

Still, there are plenty of classes and groups for that concept too, and so how you decide to get involved is a personal decision. Pilates should assist in:

  • Creating more flexibility in your joints
  • Reducing pain levels
  • Increasing overall fitness levels

low-impact exercise

Low-Impact Exercise: Go Swimming

If all else fails, you should opt to spend time at your local pool according to the Better Health Channel and others. That could benefit you in a couple of different ways.

Firstly, you will get the exercise your body requires to remain healthy. Secondly, spending time in the warm water could help to soothe your joints and take away some of the discomforts you feel right now.

Regardless of where you might live in the world, you shouldn’t have to travel too far to find a local swimming pool. Most fitness companies provide that facility, and they don’t tend to charge the earth for access.

Use these tips to make some positive changes and ensure arthritis doesn’t cause too many problems in your life.

People who never exercise and choose to let the condition worsen could find themselves in a lot of pain within a few year’s time.

The last thing you want is to spend your last two decades on this planet eating painkillers every single day. So, take decisive action now!

low-impact exercise

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