When you get dressed, what is it that you think of?  Are you just dressing for yourself and you don’t really mind what others think? Or do you pick out your wardrobe and try to make a statement to the world?

Fashion is an important part of life.  Sometimes people underestimate just how powerful it is.  Consider the slogan tshirts of Katharine Hamnett. Choose Life was worn by various celebrities and has now been reproduced by many celebrities looking to raise awareness of the plight of refugees. Whilst this might not be a trend you want to indulge in it’s worth remembering that what you wear says more about you than you might

Whilst this might not be a trend you want to indulge in it’s worth remembering that what you wear says more about you than you might realise.  Get on board with it and dress in a way that represents the person you are.

let world know style

You could start by being very simple in your approach.   If a bold statement in huge letters across your chest isn’t on your list of great fashion choices then perhaps you are a naturally chic person. This will probably already have influenced your style choices.  Elegantly cut dresses and well tailored trousers with minimal fuss well give the world a clue as to how you believe one should live.

Order, simplicity, and calmness are likely to be attributes you hold dear.  However, they might not be what you are all about.   If you want to show a little bit of your wild side, then you could do that through statement jewellery.  A bold ring or a tribal necklace will let others know that whilst you like a more elegant way of life, you have a little passion in your heart that you aren’t afraid to show.

let world know style

If you love to be the centre of attention then your wardrobe will probably be full of bold colour and it’s likely you will be a fan of the colour popping trend.  Nothing in your wardrobe says ‘safe’ and you will be searching out unique pieces that will get people talking.  You are big fan of custom t-shirt printing and like to shout your views through fashion.  This will help people understand your strong-mindedness and can also make you seem easily approachable, depending on what your slogan tee says, that is.  You may shy away from jewellery as you are saying all you need through your diverse mix of colour and style.

Letting the world know who you are through your style is simple.  Really think about what your clothes say about you.  You may find that your wardrobe isn’t as fun as you are and this might make people treat you in a different way.  Whilst it is important not to judge a book by its cover, it is a fact of life that people are guilty of this.

let world know style

If you want to make a really subtle statement then stick to your current wardrobe but invest in some engraved jewellery.  A necklace or ring that has a little clue to the secret of who you are is all you need to whisper your statement to the world.

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let world know style

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