House hunting is something that most people are very excited about …to begin with. But that excitement so often drains away and fades into nothing at all when the process is underway.

It’s hard to remain enthusiastic about house hunting when you’re endlessly looking around. But try not to get too worn down because you have to keep an eye out for some of the most important factors in your potential new home.

There are so many bases that need to be covered and boxes that need to be ticked before you choose a home that’s going to be yours for many years to come. But what exactly are the things you should be looking for while you’re on this house hunting journey?

There are many answers to that question, and you can find out more about them right now. Each of the things below should be on your list of things that you’re looking for whenever you browse a home.

House Hunting 101: Curb Appeal

Most people care what others think of their home, and the vast majority of people will only see your home from the outside.

That’s why curb appeal always has and always will matter a lot to people. You want the home to look great from the outside, so take this into account.

Of course, there are changes you can make that would improve the curb appeal offered by your home when you do decide to move in.

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House Hunting 101: Something to Work With in the Kitchen and Bathroom

Even if you’re happy to make big changes to rooms such as the kitchen and the bathroom, you still need to assess them carefully to ensure there’s something there to work with.

For example, some kitchens are funny sizes, and it’s these that can cause the most problems for people. It’s hard to get the ideal kitchen if it’s really narrow because that’s one of those things that you can’t really do anything about, and the same applies to your bathroom.

House Hunting 101: Windows Offering Plenty of Natural Light

Every home should have adequate natural light because it’s really hard to enjoy spending time in your home when it always feels dark and dingy.

Of course, you can fit lights in your home but nothing beats natural light in the home, so don’t forget to assess this when you’re looking at homes for sale.

Judge the number and size of the windows that the home possesses so that you can be sure the light won’t be lacking, even on dull winter days.

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House Hunting 101: Privacy

No one wants to feel like they’re constantly being overlooked on all sides by people in the surrounding houses. In some areas, when homes are built very close to each other in order to make the most of the space on offer, privacy can be a real problem.

So take this into account when you’re looking at homes that you might want to buy. You’ll never want to spend time in the garden if you feel like everyone can see what you’re doing whenever you’re out there.

House Hunting 101: Check the Attic and Basement

Many people don’t really bother to venture into the attic or the basement when they’re viewing a home for the first time. But just because they’re not the most important rooms in the home, that doesn’t mean they don’t matter.

For a start, you need to look at the condition of these places because leaks and crack in such spaces can be very serious indeed.

You’ll also want to think about what you might want to do with those spaces after you move in.

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House Hunting 101: Real Affordability

Everyone has a budget, so don’t be one of those people who forgets about it as soon as they start actually browsing homes.

You can find lots of places that offer real affordability at sites like You shouldn’t rule out searching online for bargains because that’s often the best way to do it.

If you don’t mind doing renovation work and taking on a big property project, you might even want to seek out a cheap deal at a property auction.

House Hunting 101: Look for Obvious Signs of Damage or Other Problems

There are lots of ways in which a home can become damaged over the years. Most of this stuff will be relatively minor and mostly cosmetic.

But even so, it’s worth being aware of those little problems so that you’ll know to put them right if you do move in. As well as that, any signs of damage might end up helping you knock down the overall price of the home.

If you can show that there are obvious problems with the home, they’ll be forced to accept a slightly lower figure to compensate for that.

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House Hunting 101: Scope for Future Changes and Possibly Expansions

There are probably lots of changes that you’ll want to make to the home when you move in, but what about the bigger changes that you might want to make in 5 or 10 years time?

Does the home offer you the scope to make those kinds of big changes? Some homes don’t really have the space that makes an expansion or extension of the property possible, so that’s something that you should definitely consider. It might be necessary for the years ahead.

House Hunting 101: Transport Links if You’re Likely to Need Them

If you don’t have a car or enough cars for the whole family to make use of at the same time, you will definitely need to look for the transport links that are available nearby.

You don’t want to be stranded in your home, especially if you’re living in a relatively rural and remote location. Look where the nearest bus stop is and how easily it is for you to get to the local train station.

Being easily linked up to other nearby areas can be really important for many families.

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House Hunting 101: A Nice Neighbourhood

The area in which you’re going to be living going forward will of course matter a lot to you. No one wants to live in a space that doesn’t seem suitable.

Talk to the neighbours and see what they say about the local community. They live and experience that stuff every day, so they’ll know what they’re talking about where other people might not.

They’ll also give you an honest assessment because they’re not trying to sell the home to you.

House Hunting 101: Enough Storage to Satisfy

Storage is always one of the things that’s easy to overlook if you’re not being vigilant. A showhome can look great on the surface, but when you start to think about what it’d be like to live there, you’ll notice that issues like storage really do matter a lot.

If you’re buying a family home, this is most definitely not something you can afford to ignore because, without storage, you really will have problems later on. Look around and take note of any inbuilt storage options.

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House Hunting 101: Decent Outdoor Options

Another thing that tends to matter a lot to families is the outdoor space that’s offered by the home. In the summer, you’ll want to make sure that your children have an outdoor space to play in that’s both safe and secure.

It’s something that you can’t really do much about if the garden simply isn’t there. The outdoor space that comes with the home is what’s always going to be there for you to work with.

You might also need something like a shed or a garage for outdoor storage.

House Hunting 101: Structural Solidity

A home that doesn’t have a solid structure is never worth your time or attention, so always be sure to take this into account when you’re looking for a home.

The last thing you want to do is uncover structural issue when you’ve already handed over your money. You should ensure a full and in-depth survey is carried out in order to find any problems that are lurking in the structure of the home as it currently stands.

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House Hunting 101: A Home You Can Envision Your Family Living In

Finally, you need to make sure that you’re seeking out a home that seems like the right kind of fit for you. It’s something that you have to be thinking about because it’s your whole family that’s going to be calling the property home before long.

If you can’t imagine your family living in a particular home, whatever for the reason for that might be, you should think twice about pushing ahead with a purchase.

Sometimes you should listen to your instincts when you’re spending a lot of money or thinking about it.

Hunting for your perfect home is not always easy. As you can see, there are lots of things that you need to keep in mind when you’re looking for a new home. If you ignore any of these important things, you’ll only end up having regrets when you eventually move into your new home.

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