A home fitness studio isn’t as silly, or as expensive, as you may think. With a few expert tips you could be well on your way to better fitness.

Most of us struggle to commit to a gym or fitness club. The environment rarely suits every taste, and the fees can be extremely high. Then, of course, are all the problems with motivation.

You have to travel out to the gym. Then you have to travel back. There never seems to be a ‘convenient’ time to go. Before you know it, each session you actually make it to has cost hundreds of dollars!

What if you had a home fitness studio? Would you commit to using it every day?


home fitness studio

Setting Up Your Home Fitness Studio

Get It Set Up

The first thing you need to do is clear a space where you can work out. It doesn’t need to be huge. In fact, a single garage could be ideal. You need to fit in some equipment and a mat for exercises and stretches.

A full conversion of the attic, basement or garage isn’t essential, but it could be a good idea to invest in this. An attractive space that is purpose-built for your workouts will motivate you to use it more.

Your home fitness studio should be kept a little cooler than a regular room temperature. However, it shouldn’t be allowed to get too cold in the winter. It’s easier to strain muscles or damage tendons when the ambient temperature is chilly.

You might decide it is a good idea to install air conditioning. This keeps the humidity in the room more comfortable too. Add some insulating plasterboard and line the floors with gym surface mats. Now you’re ready to go!

home fitness studio

Adding Natural Light

The next thing for a home fitness studio is natural light and air. In some places, you are required by local regulations to ensure any room you spend time in has an opening window or skylight. It’s a good idea either way.

For one thing, if you are injured while working out alone, at least someone passing by can see you are in trouble. If you’re using electrical items like gym equipment, then you should have windows to see if there is a fire in there too.

The decor should be light, but why not try a punchy, bold color to make the area a little more vibrant and energized? Purples and electric blues are popular. You can try apple greens or even introduce a pattern.

Why not add some wall art with a contemporary feel? These usually have lots of energy and motion, so they’re ideal for the gym wall. Finally, find a spot to hang a TV. You can watch your favorite soap opera or simply tune into MTV to get you pumped.

home fitness studio

Equipment for a Home Fitness Studio

No gym is a gym without gym equipment. It’s up to you what you choose. You might find a treadmill and exercise bike a bit boring. Perhaps you want to work more on your strength? Functional trainers give you more choice when it comes to toning and muscle work.

They tend to be quite versatile and can often fit into a square room without overcrowding it. You might include a kettle weight too for a more dynamic approach.

Cardio is really important at the gym too. Cross trainers aren’t always the most popular choice. Treadmills, however, fold up so you can use that floor space for your workout mat.

Treadmills should have different levels of incline and speeds up to sprint. Utilize the built-in program to avoid boredom. Domestic treadmills can’t always take the punishment of an hour run every single day. Buy a professional model, or keep your indoor runs to light use.

home fitness studio


Do install a few large mirrors. It’s so easy to get into bad habits that can suddenly lead to injury. With a mirror, you can check your technique and make sure your posture is in good shape as you lift or run.

Add a really good workout or Yoga mat, so you have more choice in your home gym. Yoga is great for toning and energizing your mind and body. You might choose to have a quiet session or meditate for a while instead of a high-impact or cardio workout.

Of course, a simple workout mat might be all you need. You can stretch every part of the body. You can use your own weight to tone and build muscles. And you can enjoy a great cardio workout with on-the-spot running or skipping with a jump rope.

There are endless workout choices. You might pick and choose as you go, letting your mood direct you. Or maybe you’re using YouTube to find some more interesting options?

home fitness studio

What To Wear

If it’s your home gym, then it doesn’t matter if you’re naked! Still, it’s probably best to wear what you would ordinarily wear at the gym. Invest in really good training shoes that can absorb some of the impact and support your ankles.

Compression shorts and leggings can help reduce impact and injury too. A sports bra is essential to avoid discomfort and damage to the breast tissue as well.

Best of all, they support the correct posture for your back, neck and shoulders. If you’re a busy girl, then why not invest in a few and wear them with your everyday outfits too?

For a great range of workout clothing and shoes try Cotswold Outdoor.

home fitness studio

When To Use Your New Home Fitness Studio

Now you’ve spent the time decluttering the space, laying a floor and painting the walls, you want to make use of your home gym. So when is a good time to get in there and make use of all that equipment you invested in?

The best times are when you would ordinarily watch something on TV. Go watch it in the gym while you’re performing a few reps or running a mile.

If you get up just fifteen minutes earlier, you can get in a quick workout. Then you can turn up at the office feeling energized and just a little smug that you’ve already been at the gym. Start the day the right way!

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