Hearing loss is one of those things that can happen gradually. It’s worth being aware of the symptoms as hearing loss is often more obvious to others than to you.

It can be hard to notice hearing loss signs when they happen slowly. However, the symptom can be treated if you spot them early enough. Here are four signs that your hearing might be starting to decline and what can be done about it.

  1. Struggling to Hear When There’s Background Noise

One of the main signs of hearing loss is having trouble hearing things when there is background noise. The various sources of noise can blend together, making it hard for you to distinguish between them and focus on what you want to listen to.

It’s a sure sign that there is something wrong with your hearing and you should have it checked by a doctor. You don;t have to put up with discomfort as a hearing aid can help to stop this confusion. There are so many treatments, and you can find more at EarScience.org.au/research. It’s worth learning as much as possible about the issue.


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  1. Other People Asking Why You Have the TV or Radio on So Loud

Sometimes, you don’t notice that you have started putting the TV or radio on a louder setting. This can be a pretty obvious sign that you are experiencing hearing loss. So, if your family are always saying that the TV is on too loud when you’re watching it, you need to listen to them. Don’t just dismiss what they’re saying because they might have a point.

It’s one of those everyday reminders on which you should take action. It could be a simple case of having your ears syringed to clear a blockage, which has stopping you from hearing properly.

  1. Hearing Ringing or Hissing in Your Ears

Hearing noises in your ears is never a positive sign. It means that there is probably a problem in your ear drum, and it requires attention from a medical professional. There are so many different things that could be causing this ringing or hissing in your ears; you can learn more about this at patient.info/forums/discuss/hissing-sound-in-ear-insomnia-497445.

Don’t just dismiss it and hope that it will go away. The sooner you take action the more you minimise hearing loss which will more adversely affect your lifestyle.


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  1. Losing Track When Multiple People Are Talking Around You

If you often find that you lose track of a conversation when there are numerous people talking around you, it could be a sign that you have hearing loss. This blurring of noises and being unable to stay on top of a conversation can be worrying and very frustrating.

It’s not necessarily as bad as it sounds, and it can be treated if you get the right help. Hearing loss can make your life much worse when you have to deal with it, so get the help you need to fix it.

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