Happiness habits may be the holy grail to living a successful, positive, mindful and purposeful life. There’s no pill, there’s no magic wand… the key to being happy is in the happiness habits you form.

To be happy, you need to be willing to cultivate happiness habits that will help you to feel happy more often. Happiness is a lot to do with your mindset and how you perceive yourself and your life.

You can completely change those things when you focus on developing positive habits, therefore, making your life feel more amazing in no time!

So, what should you be doing? Below are some happiness habits that you’ll wonder what you did without. Take a look!

Create A Morning Routine That You Truly Love

Start the day with a routine that you truly love. Make sure you enjoy it, that it resonates with you and helps to set you up for the day.

You don’t want to get out of bed having snoozed your alarm 8 times, and then having to rush around to leave the house on time.

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That does not create a happy mindset. Get up earlier and take your time with it. This will dictate how the rest of your day feels to you!

Do Something For Another Person Every Day

Many people think that they are happiest when doing things for themselves. However, only narcissists are truly happiest when helping themselves alone.

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Most people are happiest when doing something kind for another person. Look for opportunities to be kind in any way you can. You could even volunteer at a charity shop or in a soup kitchen.

Take The Time To Relax And Wind Down At The End Of The Day

Winding down at the end of the day will get you ready for bed, and allow you to let go of any stress you may be experiencing from the goings on of the day.

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If you want a high quality sleep, and you should, you need to make sure you’re making the effort to wind down. You should dim the lights, read a book, stay off your phone, maybe even use a dry herb vaporizer or make a cup of tea. Whatever suits you!


Exercise is one of the most important happiness habits with which you can get into a routine.

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Find a type of exercise you really enjoy and aim to do it 3 times a week.

Develop A Positive Mindset

Developing a positive mindset takes work, but you can do it if you try often enough. Stop entertaining your negative thoughts and self talk, and instead notice everything you love and have to be grateful for.

Come Up With Your Own Important Spiritual Practice

It could be meditation, it could be yoga, it could be sitting in front of a shrine. Come up with your own spiritual practice and make it non-negotiable each day. You don’t have to be spiritual to sit and be still.

Appreciate The Simple Things In Life

Start appreciating the simple things in life, like a smile from a stranger or the nice hand cream you use.

happiness habits

The more good you notice now, the more you’ll have to notice in the future.

Remember – Happiness Is A Choice

It might not feel like it sometimes, but happiness is a choice. Don’t let external circumstances dictate your mood!

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