Guest Interview Information

Please read this information to help you make the most of your interview on The Style Podcast

Thank you for being part of ‘The Style Podcast’ Fashion. Beauty. Home. Interviews from across the globe. Get the most from your interview, because it will be shared and it will reflect on you and your brand.

Get to know your host, Penelope Herbert, by viewing her magazine-style Fashion + Home website, and having a look around to get a feel for her style.

Your primary role is to provide value to the listening audience. If you do well, you will be invited back and other podcasters will ask to interview you too.

Respond to questions and converse as if the audience were in the room with you. This will provide a more relaxed and conversational interview.

Hold your phone receiver on or near your jawline, NOT in front of your mouth. This will minimise ‘popping’.

Learn how to effectively use SKYPE and, if you intend to be interviewed in more podcasts, invest in a good microphone such as Blue Yeti or audio-technica ATR2100. Consider also buying a pop filter and table-top stand.

Be aware of background noise and don’t fidget. Even slight noises and rustling can be picked up by a decent microphone, and your podcast host has one.

As a professional sounding guest, you will likely be invited back. Please make the most of this opportunity. There’s more information about what we need from you and how to maximise your exposure, so please scroll down.

Additional Exposure

Your interview will be posted on and be available as a download from iTunes and SoundCloud . A Dropbox with an mp3 file of the interview can be arranged upon request. The interview will also be available on plus as a download from iTunes and SoundCloud.

Additional promotional options are available such as;

– a ‘call to action’ banner on with hyperlinks to your site
– a slider or video on
– a feature article with many images and hyperlinks on
– social media campaign promoting the interview and feature

Please ask for further information on all details and options.

What We Need From You

Please provide well in advance of the interview date your;

  • SKYPE address
  • Social media handles
  • Hastags you wished used

Sound quality is usually better on SKYPE so the end interview will be easier to listen to from iTunes, SoundCloud and

The interview is audio only so video is not required for SKYPE

Please find a quiet room, preferably with carpet or curtains, to minimize extra noise

Please send a SKYPE invitation to thestylepodcast so your contact details can be added more easily

You are invited to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – all thestylepodcast – and we can follow you back. By following each other we can also maximise the social media reach.

If you have any feedback, requests for further information or suggestions for inclusions to this information please contact The Style Podcast directly or via the Contact Form below. Thank you.

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