Give new life to your look in 2019. With a New Year approaching, some people might be thinking of making resolutions to improve their health or spend less time working.

Others, however, might be focused on reinventing their style. Fashion and beauty resolutions are the most important ones to make, after all. But where do you start to give new life to your look In 2019?

Well, it’s about more than buying a few new skirts or changing your lipstick. Besides, we should all be thinking of sustainable ways to keep our appearances fresh.

Here’s how to give new life to your look in 2019 whilst saving the planet.


Give New Life To Your Look In 2019 By Accessorising Your Wardrobe.

Let’s start by talking about fashion. After all, no matter your natural appearance, the way in which you dress has a huge impact on your aesthetic.

Anybody can improve their look simply by improving their fashion sense. Still, you don’t have to be a fashion guru to have style. You just need to step out of your comfort zone and stop wearing similar things every day. But this doesn’t mean you should constantly buy new clothes.

After all, fast fashion is very damaging to the environment. Instead, you should get some bold accessories that you can use in different ways to reinvent your outfits.

Give New Life To Your Look In 2019

A belt, for example, could turn a flowing summer dress into a well-fitted formal outfit. A colourful scarf could reinvent a neutral top into a designer piece.

A smart blazer could turn your casual weekend outfit into work attire (depending on your office dress code).


Think about the cosmetic products you use.

And we’re talking about more than the way in which cosmetic products make you look; we’re talking about your health. You should consider more than the branding when you’re buying new makeup or other beauty-related products. You need to think about whether it’s good for you in terms of your health.

Start checking the ingredients labels on products you buy if you don’t already do so. You might even want to order nail polish online from this site so that you’re opting for a sustainable product.

The environment is worth considering too. The point is that you can really give your look new life if you carefully consider the products you use.

Give New Life To Your Look In 2019

You might also want to consider the extent to which you use cosmetic products. A little bit of eyeshadow or a hint of blusher can add colour and life to your appearance, but moderation is important.

Excessive use of makeup, for example, can affect your natural appearance by giving you acne and other blemishes (as you probably know already).

Remember to wash off makeup properly, but consider giving your skin breaks from cosmetic products from time to time.

Or use products which contain natural moisturisers so that you look after your skin. Protecting your health can improve your appearance underneath the cosmetic products you use, so that’ll benefit your new look in 2019.

Give New Life To Your Look In 2019

The point being made in this article is that you can live sustainably whilst still keeping your look fresh and exciting.

Obviously, you shouldn’t be wasteful in terms of your fashion or buy products that are damaging to the planet, but there are ethical ways to rejuvenate your look.

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