Most people want to get more energy especially after a cold winter. When the sun shines we all want to dive outside. But are you still sluggish?

Health is a top priority for all of us, and it should always come first. So when it comes to feeling tired, it might be a bad sign. We all find ourselves yawning from time to time for seemingly no reason.

If you’ve been to your doctor and had no results, it could still be a health issue, or a simple lack in your sleep quality. Sometimes it’s just our natural energy level, with dips occurring throughout the day as they should. But this can severely limit us.

So try changing up your routine. Keeping to it will need a change in your energy level, and in the long run can solve all of your problems. Here are a few changes you can make to feel more vibrant during your daily life.


get more energy

Get More Energy With Some Simple Advice

Fix Up Your Sleep Hygiene

Sleep hygiene refers to your night-time routine and how healthy your sleeping habits are. This is obviously the best way to get more energy due to sleeping as resting has always been the most surefire way to overcome fatigue.

Choose to take a nap every now and then. Biphasic sleep is the best way to split up your sleeping time, however sometimes our schedules won’t allow for it. Napping is a great way to get more energy and power through an afternoon, yet sleeping for too long when you shouldn’t will ruin your night time slumber.

Limit any naps you have to a simple half hour. This is the ultimate time to refill your mind’s alertness and soothe any aches you’ve formed from working away or working out.

Exercise is another way to make you tired enough to sleep fitfully at night. You don’t even need to cut out a huge chunk of your morning or afternoon, as about 10 minutes of vigorous walking or even 5 minutes of cycling will make your sleep so much better.


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Add In Some Chia Seeds To Your Meals

Chia seeds are practically a wonder food. Inside each seed is a great combo of omega 3 and 6, which combat fatigue by targeting your adrenal glands regulation. They also protect against heart attacks and strokes due to their cholesterol properties, which are the good kind in this case.

Take this time to rethink your mealtimes and the components of making up your plate. You can have family members join in and support you with their own efforts, which can also make it a good laugh.

Add in and eat some chia seeds with your regular meals, making sure to pair them with a good source of protein, like eggs or yogurt to make sure your energy levels stay consistent throughout the day.

They can also be used as dairy substitutes, as they can act as eggs when mixed with water, and can make for a healthier plate of breakfast pancakes or waffles. It’s also just useful to have a pack at the back of the cupboard when you run out of any baking essentials.

Routines can still be fun whilst sticking to the healthy side.


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Try Some Supplements To Aid Digestion

One of the main ways to switch up your routine to aid your digestion is to factor in probiotic sources. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that already live in your gut and help to break down food for you. Adding them in to milk and yogurt products is easy, and won’t taste bad either.

If you want some more hardy solutions, and if natural foods and herbs haven’t been working for you, trying a supplement can be the next step towards progress.

Products such as oxyshred can help to accelerate your metabolism and help you the extra mile towards becoming healthier. This can help massively with your energy levels.

If you’re experiencing some bloating and gut pain, and you think it’s time to change up your routine as this has been happening in the long term with conditions like IBS, you can take some peppermint oil to soothe your stomach. As peppermint has a calming effect to it, both in use and in thought, it’s incredibly versatile for all your bodily needs.

A lot of us need a pick me up every now and then, and increasing your energy levels safely and for the long haul is much better than a quick cup of coffee in the mornings. Eat breakfast and take a nap when you need to, as a change in routine is the best way to cope with life when it gets toughest.


get more energy

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get more energy

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