Garden hazards won’t just ruin your enjoyment of your garden but they can also ruin the garden itself. You may not have thought about these three potential garden hazards as they may not be that obvious.

Gardens are fantastic places to grow plants and crops, relax your mind after a long and stressful day, and also spend time indulging in as a hobby. But what about those sneaky garden hazards?

Depending on the size of your garden, you can enjoy it in various ways. However, there are always going to be safety concerns and garden hazards just waiting to happen. It is nature, after all, so almost anything can happen.

To help make your garden a safer and more enjoyable place, here are some of the most concerning hazards to look out for and deal with.

garden hazards

Large Trees

Even if you don’t enjoy gardening and leave your outdoor space alone, trees can still be hazardous to the rest of your home.

Large trees can often grow out of control with the adverse weather causing them to be incredibly dangerous. In wet weather, branches can become water logged. This makes them easier to break and fall in high winds.

Tree branches harbour all kinds of pests and insects – such as possums, birds, rats and ants – and if it overlooks your home, this can cause major problems that are difficult to solve.

One of the best solutions is to simply hire a service like  Pro Climbing to help you cut it down. It might be sad to see such a large and majestic tree go, but if it’s causing you to suffer and poses a potential hazard, then the only option is to have it removed.

garden hazards

Garden Pests

Aphids, black beetles and moths are all common pests here in Australia. There are millions of insect species and some of them can be beneficial to your garden.

Sadly, some of them (such as aphids) are pests for crops and can ruin all of your hard work. There are many organic control measures that can help you control their population or even get rid of them completely and it depends on the type of pest you’re dealing with.

In addition to insects, you might also need to worry about larger animals. For instance, rats might be invading your garden and eating all of your crops or invading your home, and it can be a pain to get rid of them without the right help.

garden hazards

Poisonous Plants

Depending on what part of Australia you’re from, you might have a few toxic plant species growing in your garden and you might not even know it.

Plants like the black bean and strychnine tree might look innocent, but they can actually be highly dangerous. The fruits of the strychnine tree, for instance, contain highly poisonous seeds that are neurotoxic.

Make sure you check out this list of Australia’s most poisonous plants to help you determine if there is something questionable in your backyard. They might seem innocent at first, but some plants can be incredibly deadly.

garden hazards


Make sure you do your research and always secure against garden hazards before you do any major work.

If you haven’t examined your garden for a long time, then it might be worth doing a sweep to see what garden hazards are lurking in your outdoor space.

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