The fashionable future of home decor design is now, so it’s time to look at some futuristic home fashions!

fashionable future

The fashionable future of living room design

Don’t worry, the living rooms of the future won’t lose anything in the way of comfort. They will, however, become far more sleek and, in many people’s eyes, far more stylish.

The living room furniture of the future will include console tables that come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, novelty furniture that definitely catch the eye and even decorative pedestals. Basically, the living room of the future wouldn’t look out of place on a spaceship — a comfortable spaceship.

fashionable future

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The fashionable future of kitchen design

The kitchen opens itself up to futuristic furnishings more than any other of the other rooms in your home because of how it already lends itself to chrome fashions. And the chrome fashions come thick and fast in the kitchens of the future; the Space Master, for instance, is a chrome bread bin that wouldn’t look amiss in sci-fi film.

Basically, in the kitchen of the future there is no space for sentiment or an old-fashioned rustic feel: everything is chrome and everything is shiny.

fashionable future

The fashionable future of bathroom design

Like the kitchen, the bathroom opens itself up nicely to futuristic fashions too. And it is the simplest aspects of the bathroom, surprisingly, that are getting the futurist treatment.

The taps of the future, for instance, are all controlled by automatic sensor faucets so as to cut back on cross contamination. Taps will also fetaure temperature and pressure controls.

Similarly with toilets that automatically flush and have personal temperature controlled bidets. Or where you just wave your hand and the toilet will flush.

And the showers of the future all come with built in speakers, so that whenever you shower you’ll be able to enjoy the delights of whatever chart music is played on the radio at that time.

fashionable future

The fashionable future of patio design

No, it’s not just the rooms inside your home that are changing in the future: your garden and specifically your patio are changing too. And the biggest way in which they are changing is the way in which they are being lighted; the patios and decks of the future are going to be littered in LED decking lights and innermost asteroid lamps.

Get yours fitted now so that by summer you’ll have a patio and decking not only fit to entertain guests on throughout the day, but one that can entertain them deep into the night thanks to all the light.

The future is well and truly upon on us when it comes to home fashions, because all of the futuristic fashions listed above can now be bought and are in fact deemed the norm.

fashionable future

Don’t Call Me Penny Interior Design

So, if you want to get your finger on the pulse of this norm then you’ve got start futurising your home up. And you’ve got to do it now!

And, don’t leave the basement out when you do so. Just because guests hardly see it, it doesn’t mean it needs to be boring!

fashionable future

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