Is your emergency preparation as good as it can be? Do you even have any type of emergency plan for your home and family?

You can’t escape the fact that, recently, there have been many natural disasters with which people all around the world have had to deal. Earthquakes and hurricanes have battered countries and brought much chaos and disaster leaving people with damaged homes. And for many they don’t have a home at all. In some instances, it’s no surprise that home owners haven’t had any emergency preparation.

But for many first world home owners, thinking about emergency preparation should be more on the radar. Although we often don’t know when a disaster is going to happen, we can take steps to ensure we are as prepared as possible.

Here are some emergency preparation steps for your home and family. Do you have any of these in place at the moment?


Identify the Risks

If you know what the most common hazards are in your area, then it will make it easier to put a plan in place. If you live near water, such as a river, lake or the sea, then water damage, flooding, or tsunami are going to be much more likely than if you live in a landlocked area.

So you’re likely to prepare more with things like sandbags and life jackets, as well as having the details of a company like PHJ water damage restoration to hand. Then if the worst does happen, you’re ready and prepared; as much as you can be anyway.


emergency preparation

Check Insurance

Again, if you live in an area where flooding or hurricanes are common, then you need to check what your insurance policies say about it. Will you be covered for any of those things?

If you won’t be, you have two options; you can save money to be prepared for repairs, or find insurance that will cover you for that kind of thing. So look at your policy and make a decision. If you don’t yet have anything like

If you don’t yet have anything like home or life insurance, then it pays to get that sorted out, sooner rather than later.

Create an Emergency Kit

When you see on the news about many people in Florida fleeing their homes to get away from the hurricane, can you imagine how much time they would have had to do it? Not much time at all! So having

So having a emergency kit ready can be so helpful in times when you do need to just grab a bag and go. It can also be used at home for when you can’t get out to the store, for example.

Having things like food, water, first aid kit, tinned food, flashlights, batteries, blankets, and cash ready to go are all good ideas. Copies of important documents are a good idea too.


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Check Your Home For Vulnerabilities

If you take a look at your home, you will be able to see what weak points there are and how you can make them better. Take a child’s bedroom in the home as an example.

If there was an earthquake, would there be many things that could fall on them? Are wardrobes secured to the walls or are there large things on shelving above their bed?

Then you can take the necessary steps to eliminate this kind of thing causing more damage to your home and worse, to your family. The same goes for things like roof tiles or damage to the outside of the home.

Would it stand up to it if there was a bad storm or hurricane? Get things fixed that need to be, in order to eliminate any more damage later on.

Practice an Emergency Plan

Having an emergency plan in place is a must for all homes. But even better if you can practice what you do. In the rare case of a house fire, would you know what to do?

Would children know which room to gather into and that they should be crawling on their hands and knees? So get a plan in place and then practice it.

Hopefully, it will be something that you never have to use. But it is best to be prepared just in case.


emergency preparation

Make an Inventory List

Making a list of the things you have in your home can sound a little tedious. But how will you remember what was in the home should you need to make a home insurance claim?

If you’re in shock, then it will make it much tougher to recall. So making a list now, to have in your emergency kit, is a really good idea. Take photos on your mobile device so you’ll have a visual record too. Make sure you update your home insurance with any new items, should you need to.

Without a plan, you’re just planning to fail. So it is a must!

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