To conquer fears is to live a fuller life. Fears, Phobias, and Anxieties are the Chalk to your Cheese. They tuck themselves away in a hidden part of the brain and jump out when they are least expected.

Fears can become crippling and affect your whole way of life, stopping you from experiencing all that the world has to offer. BUT… you can conquer fears.

Facing your biggest fears is never an easy task. However, today we hope to share some wisdom to get you out of that rut and live your life to the fullest once more.

conquer fears


Conquer Fears #1 Find Your Motivation

Before you can conquer your fears, you must have the motivation and willpower to do it. You may come to a point where you are sick of the anxious feeling in your stomach, the bile rising in your throat, and the incessant chills running down your spine.

When you’ve had enough of those sensations, then it’s time to make a change by channelling your discomfort for those feelings into the fuel you need to beat them. Figure out what you love and follow that path. You’ll be more motivated to succeed in something you love – song, dance, art, food, even helping others. If you need help to find and keep your motivation, then ask for help – from friends, family, or a professional.

conquer fears


Conquer Fears #2  Play It Out In Your Head

Not everyone likes horror movies, some people, in fact, are terrified of them. The thought of getting into certain danger with no way of escape is enough to give you nightmares for weeks after the event. However, in real life, there is no pause button, and it can help you mentally to run through the worst possible scenario in your head. It may seem like a stupid idea, but once you get past that initial fear, what happens?

Are you making a speech in front of strangers? Play through the scenario in your mind, from the moment you are asked up on stage, to the moment you speak. The fear of standing in front of people will dissipate when you realize that the worse that could happen is you forget what to say. Everyone in the audience is human; they won’t judge you for being nervous.

conquer fears


Conquer Fears #3  Look After Your Mental Health

A large part of fear is in your head. Your brain is incredible at drawing up situations and making you think the worst. This is the stem of anxiety and depression- where the brain works at lightning speed coming up with the scariest circumstances and consequences of any given activity.

From walking down the street and tripping over to taking a walk and being bitten by insects. However convoluted, the brain will think of it. This is why it can be helpful to go through counseling to talk through issues.

Hypnotherapists such as can help you find the cause of your fear and allow you to let it go. Looking after your mind is the primary factor in overcoming fear.


conquer fears

Conquer Fears #4  Take Baby Steps

You can’t run before you walk. Don’t rush getting over fears. Although some may advise you to jump in at the deep end, this is most likely just going to make your fears even worse. Take small steps to overcome your phobias, for example if you are afraid of spiders. There is a technique called systematic desensitization which you read more about here:

Work your way from looking at images of a spider to it being in the same room, to eventually touching one. This way your brain gets used to the idea before you face your biggest fear.

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