Have you ever looked at your life and wished you could start over somewhere totally new?

Whilst you may love a chic city, you may also be getting sick of the smoke, the concrete, the crowds and the general rush of people. Perhaps you are craving some fresher air and a view. Could you go from city chic to country chick?

If this is the case, then moving from the big city to the country can be a refreshing change. The idea of moving from somewhere that is open 24/7 with everything on your doorstep to somewhere a little more rural, can be overwhelming for some. It’s a big change and you should decide early on your reasons for wanting to move.

city chic to country chick

City Chic to Country Chick: Buy A Ranch

Some people move to the country for the space and others for work. Buying your own farm or ranch through Venture West Ranches can seem like a huge adventure. And likely it will be. Owning your own land and having a working ranch or farm, or simply wishing to have a family retreat to make memories in, are both valid reasons for becoming a country chick.

It’s a big change to go from the anonymity of the city to getting to knowing everyone in a small country town; and for them to know you. The shops aren’t on your doorstep anymore, so you tend to get to know the faces of those in the stores which tend to be a drive away.

If you decide to buy a ranch, you’ll get to know the store owners for the hardware stores really well, and that’s something you have to get comfortable with if you choose to move from the city.

The skills you would need to go from a city chick to a country girl running her own ranch are demanding, especially if you don’t know anything about running a ranch. Some people choose to hire a manager to help them with the initial start-up and you’ll find that the neighbours surrounding you are always happy to lend a hand.


city chic to country chick

City Chic to Country Chick: Being Neighborly

Part of country life is all about being neighborly and if you offer your help where you feel it’s needed, even if it isn’t, it will always be remembered. It will take some time for you to slow down from the pace of the city and get into the swing of a slower country way, so be prepared to have a little patience!

It’s tough going from city chic to country chick. Sometimes, those who go from the sizzle of the city to the calm of the country can feel like an outsider. That’s totally normal when you move somewhere entirely new, but it can make you feel a little scepticism over your move.

The best thing you can do is reach out to your neighbours and get yourself as integrated as possible. Owning a ranch can help you go a long way toward this as you have a talking point to get to know people! You can definitely go from city chic to country chic, it just takes a little bravery and a lot of hard work!


city chic to country chick

City Chic to Country Chick: A Change of Fashion + Decor

Living in a small town can really take the pressure off feeling like you have to dress up every day. Jeans will be your new best friend and you could even try growing your hair longer. In summer you can wear ‘daisy dukes’ with ankle cowboy boots and no-one will bat an eyelid.

Similarly, country homes tend to be more relaxed with a lazy porch swing, more eclectic decor, and a vase of fresh flowers on the kitchen table. Yes, many country kitchens accommodate a dine-in kitchen. Country chicks also tend to do more home cooking – yum – and Friday night football is a whole town affair.

So if a more relaxed lifestyle, fresh air, and knowing everyone in town is appealing to you, go get ’em and become a country chick.

city chic to country chick

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