Business decorating has become increasingly important as many employers now understand how important a conducive environment is to productivity.

We talk often about home style, but what about the style of your business environment? Let’s take a quick look at the key considerations for business decorating to ensure happy employees and a productive and creative environment.

Consider Your Unique Functionality

Of course, when we talk about a business decorating we could be talking about many different types of business. The decor of a restaurant or a pub is going to be very different from the decor associated with an office or hairdressing salon. But even these delineations can be too simple.

One office will serve very different functions to another, and the same goes for restaurants. Even if the basic functions – a place where people use computers and a place where people eat food, respectively – are the same across those businesses. So don’t assume that a catch-all “how to decorate your bar” is going to do the trick. One bar may focus more on food, whereas another may focus more on sports entertainment, for example.

Speaking with an interior decorator is a good starting point as they will have access to new products and ideas you may not have thought about. An Architect or Building Designer will have excellent insights into how to save space, add storage, be user-friendly, and be environmentally sustainable. Use Pinterest, Instagram, and Houzz for inspiration but understand your unique functionality when business decorating.

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What’s The Mood?

All business owners need to think very carefully about the mood their businesses should promote. This doesn’t just go for businesses that host the public, but also for buildings that only house employees. If we look at things from the most basic level, then the color scheme – or, more specifically, the paint job you’re going to choose – is fundamental in setting a mood for your business.

Setting a mood with the right color scheme may seem fairly obvious for those who are running a store or a bar, but it might not seem so obvious for those in an office. But the same ‘vibe’ considerations should be given for employee-only offices. For example, a cool blue or yellow color scheme can help keep people in attentive and serious moods. On the other hand, if you’re an entertainment studio who wants things to be a little more fun and relaxed, then introducing more colors can help create this vibe.

The Importance of Entertainment

Entertainment should be considered to an extent in all business decorating. The items with which you furnish your business can have a great impact on the success of a business. You can look into AV equipment hire if you run a bar or restaurant, for example – this will give people good conversational points as well as help contribute to a fun atmosphere.

As for employee-only businesses, entertainment is also important as it helps employee de-stress – something which is essential if you want to foster strong long-term concentration from your employees.

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Lighting Concerns

No matter what business environment you’re in – customer-inclusive or employee-only – you should never underestimate the power of natural lighting. Unless you have a dire need to be able to control the lighting 100% for business purposes (if you’re running a cinema, for example), then you should find out ways in which you can maximize the presence of natural lighting.

Artificial overhead lighting is necessary, but if it’s the leading source of light for your business then you may find that both employees and customers will become lethargic and stressed. Of course, you need to be careful with your seating layout if there’s a lot of natural light – tables right next to the window on scorching summer days can be worse than anything for customers and employees alike!

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