Beauty hacks are becoming the go-to solutions for busy people. Because, when it comes to our looks, it’s so easy to get stuck in the same old style rut.

But what feels safe isn’t always what looks best. Experimenting is the only way to find out what truly suits you, so sometimes it’s worth taking the risk.

Beauty Hacks : Hair

When it comes to finding a new look, hair plays an important role. It helps to frame our faces and represents our own individual style, so it’s crucial to get the right cut. Do some online research and find the looks that you like. Make sure you know what hairstyle suits your face shape to help narrow down your search. Talk to a friend and get a second opinion before making any drastic changes.

In terms of hair care, rinsing your brunette hair in brown vinegar will bring out the natural highlights. Egg makes a great conditioner, but rinse out well, and many women with very thick and coarse hair use olive oil to condition and smooth.

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Beauty Hacks : Teeth

Before we get to makeup tips, it’s important our dental hygiene is up to scratch. Issues like cracked teeth can be easily fixed with dental implants. Look online at for the right option for you. Alternatively, you could visit your local dental clinic for a checkup and helpful, professional advice.

Beauty Hacks : Mouth

We all love a good lipstick to give that pop of color to our face, but when we’re au naturele, it’s important to keep them healthy and moisturizeded. The best way to do this is to regularly applying lip balm, or even making your own with some honey. Sugar makes a great lip scrub to slough off dead skin. To get pink lips naturally, use beetroot juice to create an organic lip stain. Beetroot juice is rich in antioxidants and vitamins too, so you get that added health boost as well.

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Beauty Hacks : Eyes

Eyes, as they say, are the windows to our souls. One way to keep them sparkly and healthy looking is to reduce puffiness. Make sure you’re getting a good night’s sleep, and drink lots of water throughout the day to stay hydrated. The old cucumber trick is also great for reducing dark circles. Invest in a good night cream to help combat that fatigued look.

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Beauty Hacks : Skin

Beautiful skin is the basis of looking and feeling good. Keep yours healthy and hydrated by eating a balanced diet. Essential oils like lavender and eucalyptus help lock in moisture and are cost effective and chemical free. They’re also great for deep tissue massages. Get rid of dead skin cells by exfoliating once a week with a gentle face scrub.

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Beauty Hacks : Knock the Bad Habits

Caffeine, alcohol and smoking all play a role in dehydrating and prematurely ageing the skin. Caffeine is extremely acidic, while the sugar in soft drinks alone plays havoc on our skin and teeth. Try to reduce your alcohol intake by having a mocktail once in awhile. They taste just as good, but are much better for your overall health. Blended juices are the best way to detoxify, and there’s so many flavors to choose from. Invest in a water infusion bottle and mix in your favorite fruits. Add a slice of lemon or lime for a refreshing dose of vitamin C.

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