These beauty foods should be added to your shopping list right away. You’ll notice an increased level of health and a glow of beauty that is coming from within.

You will have no doubt heard the saying ‘Beauty comes from within’. This saying commonly refers to your personality and being a kind, good, and beautiful person. Not beauty foods.

However, it also works on a more scientific level because what you put inside your body radiates on the outside. If you have a bad diet, it will show on your skin and your face. The best moisturiser or skin care regime is really what you put inside your body rather than what you slather on it.

beauty foods

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The most important thing when it comes to your skin has been recognised as a healthy gut.

A healthy gut ensures that the nutrients and antioxidants you eat are absorbed properly. This means you will have all of the building blocks you need for healthy collagen production, skin regeneration and a defence system against free radicals.

An unhealthy gut can lead to nutritional deficiencies of essential skin regenerating and collagen boosting vitamins especially proteins, fatty acids and B vitamins.

Sugar, dairy and processed grains can all play havoc with hormones. They promote insulin resistance and create free radicals which rid your body of beautifying nutrients, accelerate ageing and promote excess sebum production which leads to acne and breakouts.

beauty foods

Start by reducing your intake of foods such as dairy and sugar. Increase your consumption of beauty foods such as greens, fermented foods and prebiotics and your skin will start to thank you.

Here are a few beauty foods which can make you feel and look beautiful. Some you may have in your kitchen already and others you may never have heard of. However, it’s worth looking into as the benefits are fantastic.

9 Beauty Foods You Need To Start Eating Now

#1 Turmeric

Often called a magical herb, turmeric is wonderful for gut healing, improving liver health and detoxifying. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory, so it is good to take either in the form of a proper supplement or as a food supplement in drinks/smoothies and food – or both.


#2 Sattu

Sattu is a traditional energy drink – not like Red Bull though. Sattu is made from roasted bengal gram and barley.

These provide three major minerals – calcium, magnesium, phosphorus – which are all required for healthy bones. They are plant-based proteins for lean muscle building.

You can drink it within 30 minutes of your workout or as an evening drink. You will soon see a boost in energy and strength.

beauty foods

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#3 Whole Eggs

Ahh eggs, the answer to everything. So simple yet rich in essential amino acids, biotin, zinc and selenium. If you include eggs as part of your daily meal plan, then you do not need to worry about buying expensive supplement pills.

You won’t need them for healthy hair, skin and nails because your eggs will do it for you. Say goodbye to hair fall and brittle nails.


# 4 Wheatgrass

It might not have the most delicious sounding name, but wheatgrass is packed with ACE power (Vitamin A, C and E), and is a perfect detoxifier, cleanser and healer.

It helps to clear acne and gives an even skin tone. Try drinking it on an empty stomach and mixing one teaspoon of wheatgrass powder with a glass of water.

beauty foods

#5 Aloe Vera

You can buy this so cheaply in bulk or just get yourself an aloe vera plant. A low maintenance succulent that hydrates dry skin, heals acne, speeds up wound healing and even soothes burns.

You can see the benefits of aloe vera by having one teaspoon of aloe vera gel first thing in the morning before you have anything to eat or apply as a face or hair mask for 15 minutes for radiant skin and hair.


#6 Potatoes

Yummy yummy potatoes contain a miracle antioxidant CoQ10, which can reduce premature ageing due to over-exposure to the sun.

beauty foods

#7 Wheatgerm

Another one which doesn’t sound too appealing, but wheat germ is includes folic acid, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E. It not only moisturises dry skin but also prevents scarring.

You can blend it with yoghurt and pomegranate to make your own skin tonic for glow and radiance.

beauty foods

#8 Yoghurt

As well as being delicious, yoghurt is a natural probiotic that helps the growth of good bacteria in your colon.

Poor digestive health is linked to acne, eczema and rosacea due to an imbalance in bacterial growth leading to inflammation, so yoghurt is perfect for good probiotic health.


#9 Banana

Did you know that bananas make you happy? Rich in tryptophan and B vitamins, a banana a day can keep dullness away – in your life and in your skin too.

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