Aquatic sports are perfect for hot summer days and for getting fit whilst having fun. Is this why more people are leaving the gym and splashing around instead?

What do you think of when you consider the process you must undergo to become a fitter, better person? For most people, it will include typing into Google ‘best workouts 2017’, or purchasing a gym membership and getting all the gear necessary to truly ‘do it this time.’ Have you thought about aquatic sports?

This is the process most people go through when hoping to begin a new fitness regime. But it can be flawed. Even for people who have years of experience in a gym, this might not be the best place for them.

aquatic sports

Sometimes, the adventuring spirit needs to find new avenues of success. And those areas are not always prominent in the fight to become a more whole and healthy person.

I’d like to pose the following: if you are interested in becoming fit and getting outside of your comfort zone, or you are a person who has been in the gym for years and are beginning to experience plateau’s in your performance, getting fit in the water could be for you.

aquatic sports

Why could this be?

Why should you begin a new regime of water sports, experimenting with fitness and sporting equipment like paddle boards, or swimming instead of running and lifting weights? I’d argue the following:

The Benefits of Aquatic Sports


If you have issues with balance, allowing the water to support you and work with you can be one of the best methods of giving yourself fitness confidence.

However, this isn’t the only reason to take up aquatic sports. Water can help you increase your flexibility, and stretch in areas you wouldn’t be able to do under the normal laws of gravity.

It’s for this reason that water Zumba classes are so popular with the older people.

However, paddle boarding helps give you the balance skills needed to stay on your board. Similarly, surfing increases balance and develops functional strength for other activities and daily life.

aquatic sports

Complete Workout

Strength training for total muscular development can be harder underwater than it is in the gym due to the water resistance of aquatic sports.

Swimming, surfing, and other watersports all encourage the challenge of resistance which helps build and tone muscles. There can be repetitive movement patterns, such as freestyle swimming, so change up your aquatic sports.

However swimming is excellent for overall body development. Just look at the best Olympic swimmers; often with healthy and enviable body shapes.

aquatic sports

Of course, they supplement their training with bodyweight and weightlifting exercises, but the stamina developed in the pool often contributes to that ‘ottermode’ look more completely.

Water sports will teach you excellent breathing techniques, the ability to maneuver your body flexibly, and provide a focus for specific and deep movements.

Before long, practicing aquatic sports will help you see the utility of it, and you will consider your fitness regime transformed, new and holistic.

aquatic sports

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