Have you ever thought to garden without a garden? It is important to reduce our stress levels whenever possible. There are lots of ways to do this. It will depend on your personality and your likes and dislikes as to what methods you choose. Gardening could be one.

Something that is very popular and that long been known to be a stress reducer is gardening. Getting out in the fresh air and growing plants, flowers, fruit, and vegetables from nothing at all is a great way to improve the mood.

Yet what happens if you want to do gardening and don’t have a garden? What do you do if you think this de-stressing method is going to be the best? Here are some ideas. 

Garden Inside 

It may sound strange, but it is possible to garden inside if you don’t have a lot of space outside – or if you have no space at all. All you need are some pots and a windowsill. Then you can choose plants, or even vegetables that you can grow and eat, to fit in those pots. Tending to them is the same as tending to outside plants, just on a smaller scale. 

If you want to make the most of your space, you can try vertical gardening. This means using special frames to ‘stack’ plants on top of one another. You can have many more plants in this way, and it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor gardening. 

Borrow A Garden 

If you don’t have a garden of your own, do you know anyone who does have one and who would allow you to spend some time out there, making it look neat and tidy? This could be an elderly friend or relative, perhaps, or someone you know at work. If they allow you can work in their garden and give you carte blanche to plant what you want, the garden would be almost like your own. 

It might be that, given time, you’ll even discover such a passion for gardening that you set up a business doing so, in which case you could charge for your time. However, just because you can monetize something doesn’t mean you should, and sometimes building a business from a hobby isn’t such a great idea as it can take away from the enjoyment of what you are doing. 

Rent A Garden 

If you don’t know anyone who wants their garden tended to, or you prefer to come and go as you please and not have to check in before you start weeding, you could ‘rent’ a garden. There are various schemes that allow you to rent a small piece of land and tend to it as you want to. These are called allotments, and they allow those without gardens to have their out outside space. 

There will still be restrictions on what can and can’t be done on these pieces of land, but it is a good compromise if you need more space than the inside of your home will allow and you don’t have access to any other space.

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