Your winter home needs to be warm and cosy, but it also needs to be prepped for winter weather. Considering that you’ve already completed all of your summer projects (what else is there to do?), you may as well move onto projects that will get your home ready for when the cold comes.

It’s always cozy to wrap yourself up in every fluffy blanket you can find. However, taking measures now to protect your winter home from the inevitable chill will ensure that you and your family are comfortable right in time.

You won’t need to spend your days shivering with upgrades and home improvement projects. To give you an idea of where to focus, here are 3 ways to start prepping your home for winter.

Keeping Warm In A Winter Home

A cold house is never pleasant. But too many people rely on cranking up the heat and riding it out. While this is useful, it also wreaks havoc on your energy bills. So it’s essential to look into solutions that keep the chill away. 

You can start by sealing up any gaps or holes around the house. The most common culprits are your roof and basement. Upgrading your windows to double or triple glazing will also provide you with the necessary insulation. For further comfort, consider investing in Coldbuster underfloor heaters, which will make it easier to get out of bed and out of the shower every morning. This could make your morning routine much more comfortable, and get you ready for the day.

Clear Out the Gutters

Once the leaves start to fall on your winter home, and the whipping winter winds pick up speed, there’s a risk that your gutters get clogged up. This can lead to severe issues around the house. It prevents proper drainage, which leads to standing water and ice. This ice can damage the gutters, crack them, and cause significant problems on the outside of your home. 

You don’t want to spend a cold winter’s day up on the roof, though. It’s chilly, grim, and potentially dangerous. Instead, check on your gutters now, while the weather is still lovely. You can also trim back overhanging branches to prevent further debris blowing into your gutters. 

Protecting Family and Guests

Even though people aren’t currently visiting because of lockdown and quarantine measures, this will hopefully have blown over by the time winter comes. You’ve got to make sure that your driveway and any steps are suitably prepared for snow and ice to ensure safety for everybody involved. 

Start by looking at your drainage pipes, as some direct water onto the driveway, which could make the surface slippery. You can find ways to redirect the running water elsewhere, preferably to a roadside drain. You can also consider redoing the grouting between driveway bricks to prevent moisture buildup. Doing so will ensure that you and anyone who visits can step onto your drive with confidence. 

Winter Home Ready

The cold weather can often come without warning, so preparing everything now will give you one less thing to worry about once it arrives. Winter is all about staying inside, spending time with family, and trying to keep warm and comfortable. These tips will keep you and your family toasty and cozy until the warm weather returns.

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