A new look is something we all dream about having from time to time. So what does it truly take to change your style?

We picture ourselves in clothes completely different to our own; maybe something that makes you look red carpet ready, or maybe you’re looking to dress down in something comfy and laidback for once. We don’t want to worry you, but these daydreams could be the start of your journey to change your style!

Changing your style takes some time, and a lot of effort, and probably a whole year’s worth of saving to be able to afford the clothes you really want. And if you’re currently in the early stages of working out that you want or need a style change, you’re going to need to do a little bit of research in preparation!

So, without further ado, here are some of the main things it’ll take to change your style, either little by little or completely. Make sure you note them down if you’re interested in revamping your wardrobe. 

What Do You Want to Change the Most?

Making a change in your style is often all about what you want to change. Maybe you’re sick of wearing only dark or block colors? Maybe you’re sick of all those skirts, and fancy wearing some more trousers and/or shorts? Or maybe you’re just no longer a colorful or frill loving kind of person, and you’d like to dress a little more seriously? 

So you’re going to need to think about what you’d like to change the most. Whether it’s the colour, the style of clothing, or even just how often you wear certain pieces, take some time now to consider what it is about your outfit styles you really don’t like. It’s much better to pinpoint two or three workable factors, rather than flay wildly, trying to find a different style of clothing you only think you might like much better. 

What Do You Need to Incorporate?

Changing your style, in the right way that’ll make you feel like a million dollars whenever you get dressed up, is also about knowing what NEEDS to change and be worked with, rather than against. Style is not just an aesthetic idea, but it’s also a practical thing that needs to work out for you – make sure you’re thinking about what you actually need to be wearing, and what you need to incorporate into your day to day outfits. 

One such thing that demands incorporation is a pair of glasses; if you’re a consistent glasses user, and you don’t have contact lenses to make use of, you’re going to need your outfits to keep you seeing the smart way. Your new outfits need to fit in with the kind of frames you’re wearing. Similarly, nothing that covers the face too much, or nothing you bundle up in all the way up to your nose that leads you to steam up your glasses whenever you breathe out!

Think more broadly here as well. What kind of shoes do you need to wear, based on how far you’re walking or what kind of job you do? How heavy do your clothes need to be, to keep you protected from the elements? Most of all, what kind of body shape do you need to accommodate? Do some research behind your options here. 

Think About Current Styles

It’s important to think about current, more modern styles, rather than vintage pieces, as we’re living in a rapidly evolving era. The styles of the past aren’t going to change anymore than they did back then! And when you think about current styles, you can pinpoint what kind of fashionable items you like, and will have a much better chance of finding them when you go shopping for new clothes

On the other hand, getting to know the current styles is also a good way to rally against what you don’t like about modern fashion, and what you’d like to avoid entirely in your efforts to update your wardrobe. For example, if you’re a fan of streetwear clothing, you’re probably not going to be a fan of business casual or black tie clothing, so you can discount those kinds of items immediately. 

Put Together a Mood Board

A mood board is a very handy thing when it comes to trying to change or update your style. If you can put together a bunch of different inspiration points, you’re going to be able to bring together a more cohesive idea of what kind of style you’re going for. You’ll be able to recognise the clothes straight off of the rail or the webpage when you come across them, simply because they look similar or are tagged similarly to the pieces that are on your mood board. 

You can make a physical mood board if you’d like, and cut out pictures from magazines, or you can make use of sites such as Pinterest. Pinterest is a great website for ‘pinning’ the kinds of things you like, from all over the net, and there are even a bunch of tutorials that’ll help you put together a well flowing mood board you can make even easier use of. 

Be Patient

And as we mentioned above, it’s a good idea to be patient when you’re trying to make a change in your style. It doesn’t happen overnight, and it’s not a good idea to want for that to happen either. You’ll end up misspending, or spending too much, or just end up with a bunch of fast fashion clothes that’ll sit mostly untouched in your wardrobe and wear out fast. Too many clothes but nothing to wear! 

Make a few small changes here and there; have a proper think about what it is you don’t like about your current style, and always make good use of inspiration. There’s plenty out there, and it’s all within your reach when you’ve got an internet signal! So be patient, use tips like those above, and fit into your new style.

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