Wedding fashion is often that show-stopping, drool-worthy, drop dead gorgeous dress that brides don’t want to take off… and with which friends can’t get enough selfies.

In terms of wedding fashion, you’ll never find anything more elaborate or beautiful to wear than your wedding dress. For many brides, it is the most incredible day of their lives. Everything must be ornate, elegant, and chic. There are no shortcuts made when it comes to what you’re wearing on your wedding day. But does it really have to be just for one day?

It’s very unlikely you’ll want to wear your wedding dress to any other occasion because wedding fashion isn’t designed for other occasions. If you buy your wedding dress, then chances are it will sit in your closet for the rest of its days. It seems such a shame and such a waste. This is why some designers, like Demetrios, provide convertible dresses. Many offer a removal skirt with train that reveals a sleek short cut dress perfect for dancing. If white puts you off, ivory or dresses with strong color patterns can easily pass for a gorgeous cocktail or garden party outfit.

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Wedding Fashion: Rings

Something brides rarely take off is their diamond engagement rings. They are the first ring to be placed on that finger. At the marriage ceremony, the wedding band is placed with it. You don’t need to remove it unless it is at risk of damage. After ten years of marriage, your partner might add a third ring – the eternity ring. It’s not uncommon to wear the trio forever.

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Wedding Fashion: Shoes

Wedding shoes have changed in style a lot recently. With so much press about women kicking off their heels in the workplace, it’s not surprising that flatter styles are becoming the norm. Everything from ballet pumps to Converse boots have seen a wedding or two! Even ivory or white court shoes have their place with other outfits, so don’t feel obliged to gift them away.

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Wedding Fashion: Lingerie

What a bride chooses to wear under her dress during the wedding isn’t always the same as what she wears later that night! Still, your bridal underwear is more than likely to be fun to wear on other occasions past the honeymoon. Don’t be afraid to spend a little extra money here for something special you’ll both like.

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Wedding Fashion: Jewellery/Jewelry

Earrings and necklaces are also worn by brides on their wedding day. They are often borrowed, or given as a gift by a family member. While you may not find the urge to wear them again yourself, it can be a nice heirloom for the next woman in your family to inherit.

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Wedding Fashion: Cape or Coat

Any winter wedding begs for the bride to wear a beautiful cape or coat to cover her shoulders as she approaches the wedding venue. These are most often sourced from the ball gown or prom dress boutiques rather than the bridal boutiques. They are usually very elegant and will work beautifully with a gown for a special charity event or a night at the opera.

It’s amazing how versatile bridal wear can be. There is no need to shy away from higher price tags or more elaborate fashions. Dare to wear them again, and you’ll feel just as special as you did on your wedding day.

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