There are many ways to get your dream home. Inherit money. Win money. Get a job with an enormous salary. Which of these options is you? None? Then read on.

For some people, their home is their home. They want it to be nice, but it will never be top on the list of things on which they focus. It’s a building, a shell; a place to imprint memories and little more. You’re not one of those people. You are still looking for achievable ways to get your dream home.

You’re the kind of person who sees your home as your castle. It’s your sanctuary, an area where you can retreat from the world and just be yourself. You want it to be wonderful; to enjoy the feeling of living in luxury, to be able to survey a vast building and know it’s yours and yours alone. Your home is your pride and joy, its style your eternal reward… or that’s the idea anyway.

When you love the idea of a luxury home, it can be somewhat stifling to realize you’re not quite at the point where that’s a possibility for you. You can’t quite get to the point where you have huge space, a glorious sea view, making a home in the likes of The Star residences just like you always dreamed. Instead, you’re in a one-bedroom apartment that you make as nice as you can… but it’s still not the luxury you have promised yourself.

So how do you make the ascent from the humble beginning of your first home to something that is truly spectacular? Well, there are several ways to get your dream home that don’t involve luck.


ways to get your dream home

Lesson #1 – Get Good At Renovating

To make the move to a luxury home, you’re going to need to make a profit on your house sales. It’s akin to being a property developer, though admittedly you’re the only client.

If you buy perfect homes and sell them on, then sure, there’s a chance you will make enough money to keep buying bigger and better. Rising property prices and a good market will do that for you. However, the progress will be slow. To truly get to what you want to be, you need to make more than 5% on a house sale – and that means a lot of renovating.

Buying a rundown property, doing it up, and then selling it on at a 30% profit will get you to your dream home far sooner than you ever could have imagined. So grab a paintbrush and get a builder on speed dial – you’re going to need them!


ways to get your dream home

Lesson #2 – Focus Your Finances

If you truly want to ensure the path to a luxury home is in your future, there’s going to be some sacrifices involved in getting to that point. You should be saving money wherever possible, even if that involves forgoing holidays and little luxuries in the meantime. It’s all part of your quest towards the greater good. And you know in your heart that this is one of the solid ways to get your dream home.


ways to get your dream home

Lesson #3 – Go When The Chance Arises

To make the progression up the property ladder to your dream home, you’re going to have to be prepared to seize chances when they come. If a cheap property comes on the market – and you know you can add value to it, and sell at a profit – then you’re going to have to go for it. This is a tough lifestyle to commit to, so be sure you’re ready for it before you begin.

The road to ways to get your dream home might be shaky, with much self-denial and hassle – but when you get to your dream luxury home, it will all be completely worth it.

ways to get your dream home

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