Vintage pieces are far more sought-after than ‘second hand’ right? There are many options for finding ‘vintage pieces’ so you can breathe new life into old decor.

If you were to glance around the living room of the average decor-enthusiast right now, you would probably see the same items replicated over and over again, but few obviously vintage pieces.

There would probably be something to do with pineapples; the must have decor-fruit for awhile now. There’d almost certainly be some rose gold, or at the very least copper.

There’d be some LED lights on show, perhaps fairy lights or decorative ornaments. And of course, no on-trend home is complete without lashings of millennial pink.

As beautiful as these items are – and they are undoubtedly beautiful – after awhile, it can all begin to feel a bit… well… same-y. But what can you do about it? If you go shopping for decor, then you’re just going to see the same trends repeated over and over.

The only way of ensuring that your decor has its own truly unique flavour is to look for old items, and give them a new lease of life. Call them old; vintage; retro – the word is your choice, but the style can be timeless if you do it right.

The problem is, few of us have houses with attics stuffed to the brim with old items we can polish up and use to showcase our home originality. So, if you want something from a different time, where are you supposed to go looking for it?

vintage pieces

Option 1: Speak To Family

You might not have an attic packed with vintage pieces just waiting to return to their glory, but your relatives might. Ask your grandparents and your older aunts and uncles; they might even be glad for the help in clearing out their old junk!

You can spend some time rifling through and see what you find. Much might be destined for the junkyard, but you might stumble across an old photo frame you can polish up, a broken clock that Dutch Time Pieces can bring back to life, or even a lamp that has come right back into style since it was stashed away.

The other benefit of this tactic? You might not have to pay for it.

vintage pieces

Paris Flea Market

Option 2: Flea Markets

Unless you are in Paris, flea markets are not a guarantee of where to find quality pieces. They are usually 95% stuffed with junk, but the remaining 5% could be just what you need to set your decor apart. Take your time looking through items; it helps to go early in the morning so you can ensure the best pieces haven’t already been snapped up.

Have at least some idea of what you may need and take your time looking through items. It helps to go early in the morning so you can ensure the best pieces haven’t already been snapped up.

Look for vintage pieces that have an interesting shape, can be resurfaced or painted, or reupholstered.

vintage pieces

Option 3: Charity Shops

As with flea markets, you might stumble across something amazing – or you might be reduced to looking through junk that has no value.

By all means peruse a charity shop when you pass one by just in case you see bargains, but bear in mind that it might be a long wait before you find something worth investing in.

From charity shops, I mostly buy things like cut glass serving bowls which add personality to table setttings

vintage pieces

Option 4: Online

It’s best to reserve this tactic for items that you specifically know you want, rather than just browsing and waiting for inspiration. When you have something in particular to search for, it helps to broaden your search as wide as possible (providing you can get postage, of course).

It might take some time to find exactly what you want, but when you do, the feeling will be sweeter than buying a mass-produced item from a store could ever be.

vintage pieces

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