Vegan lipsticks are not the entirely modern invention you may think they are. From berry stains to crushed rocks, our ancient ancestors had long been trying to find the perfect lip enhancer.

So the origin of vegan lipsticks has a solid history. It’s said that red lips are attractive because they mimic the blush of sexual excitement. Throughout history, women (and in some eras many men) have painted and stained their lips with deep and luscious hues of colour to enhance their natural beauty.. and to attract a mate (or mates).

The ancient Egyptians crushed red rocks and used red fruits to stain their lips. From the sexual enhancement of berry lips to the modern-day invention of the swivel tube, lipstick has become a symbol for female liberation, rebellion, and empowerment.

The Makeup Factory has now taken the lipstick revolution to new and luscious levels with its certified organic and vegan-friendly range. The proudly Australian cosmetic label encourages women to look good and feel natural using chemical-free and sustainable vegan lipsticks and lip glosses.

vegan lipsticks

vegan lipsticks

As a user of organic makeup and lipsticks, I was keen to try several of the fashion forward shades named after famous models and actors. I picked Cara, Kate, and Sienna. Edgy and stylish, these colors are a copper/berry red, a dark pink and a light pink suitable for my complexion. There are, in fact, 10 striking shades in the range, all long-lasting and matte colors.

From the first gentle swipe on my lips, I knew I was going to like these vegan lipsticks. The application was easy, especially for a matte lipstick, and the colour was lush and hydrating. I also learned how long-lasting they are when I embraced my pure white, short-haired Bull-Terrier X Kelpie dog, Chloe, and left a pop of color on her head!

vegan lipsticks

It’s true. These Makeup Factory vegan lipsticks soothe, soften and regenerate the skin while delivering essential fatty acids deep within the lip for complete moisture control and colour vibrancy. Bliss!

For a sheer look, or to enhance the colour range, The Makeup Factory (tmf) lip gloss palette is infused with the goodness of vitamin E, cacao butter, and kaolin clay, boosting skin tone and enhancing the lip’s natural pigmentation in 5 flattering colours.

Providing clean cosmetics with no added sulphates, parabens or talcs, tmf is at the forefront of eco-luxe beauty, offering women of all ages a quality alternative to traditional cosmetics.

Designed in Australia and made in Australia and the USA, The Makeup Factory vegan lipsticks are an affordable luxury for women who value cruelty-free and 100% certified organic makeup. Visit The Makeup Factory at to see all products in the tmf range.

vegan lipsticks

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