Unusual style ideas don’t have to be outrageous to be effective; it’s just about thinking a little differently about those final touches. Add personality with some new ideas.

So you’re pretty happy with your space but you wouldn’t mind adding a few extra style touches? Spice things up a bit and create beautiful spaces by adding some new furniture or changing the drapes. OR you could some more unusual style ideas.

Here are some uncommon things you can do to make your home more stylish:

Bookshelf Art

If you have a bookshelf containing a lot of books, why not bring out your artistic side and arrange the books so that the spines make interesting pictures? Sure, it might be more difficult to find your favourite title when the books aren’t in alphabetical order, but you’ll have created your own little work of art without buying a thing!

For unusual style ideas place books with the same spine colour together. So check the spine and place books with the same tones – blue, green, black, etc – together, and then line them along the shelves.

OR just buy bookshelves that ARE a piece of art themselves. Create shelving that weaves across the wall or paint a mural of a tree and use small flat boards as leaves or branches, and place books on them.

The Ron Arad Bookworm Bookshelf below is available via this link. Please use the code FD182 to receive a 5% discount off the retail price.

Create a Unique Flower Arrangement

Now you can really go crazy. Go out into the garden or visit your local flower store. Collect the most unusual flowers you can find, along with twigs, moss, fallen bird feathers and anything else that’s natural and interesting.

Turn them into your own unique flower arrangement. Don’t make them look like the one’s in the shops, be creative and create mini garden-scapes, flower forests, and rockeries, that will make your tables window ledges and shelves look more interesting.

unusual style ideas


Add a Patterned Door Screen

You might think that door screens have no real use outside adding a bit of extra security and keeping the bugs out. But one of the best advantages of installing a security screen door is that you can install one that has a unique colour or pattern. It’s one of the unusual style ideas that is relatively easy to achieve.This will make the entrances to your home look more stylish without you having to repaint, remodel or spend a whole lot of money.

unusual style ideas


Move Your Furniture

Instead of buying more furniture, you could completely transform the look of your home by switching it up and moving your furniture to new places and positions instead.

Put furniture where you wouldn’t usually, like placing that comfy chaise lounge in the kitchen or putting a table in front of your open fireplace. You’ll create a unique look which is surprisingly stylish and which sets your home apart from the rest.

Interior Design in Unexpected Places

Unusual style ideas that add pizazz to your home can be found in decorating areas of your home that most people don’t bother with. For example, wallpapering and adding framed photos to your pantry or decorating the top of that tall cabinet in a new style is rather unique. And it can make your home look more ‘designed’ than the average.

unusual style ideas

Don’t Call Me Penny


Gild It

If you love to craft, break out the gold leaf and start adding it to vases, photo frames, furniture and mirrors to give them a new lease of life and to make your home look more impressive and more expensive than it really is.

For cool stuff to paint, try Pottery Barn, Temple & Webster, or Bed Bath ‘n Table.

unusual style ideas

Don’t Call Me Penny

Do you have an unusual ways of styling your home that you’d like to share?

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