Unruly hair is one of the aspects of your fashion look that can make or break any outfit. Your hair contributes significantly to your style and can have a big effect on your confidence and self-image.

There are many common issues we battle with daily when it comes to unruly hair and trying to tame it. So I’m going to tackle five of the most prevalent unruly hair woes and how you can take a more specific approach to get them out of your life.

Don’t make a mess

Are you seeing lots of little white fluff or flakes on your shoulders more regularly than you would like? Dandruff can be very messy, not to mention unsightly and embarrassing.

Anti-dandruff shampoos are some of the most commonly available but detoxing yourself from too many hair products and scaling back your hair care can help, too.

It’s important to know the difference between dandruff and dry scalp, too. Issues like psoriasis require entirely different kinds of treatment and they are chronic.

This means that they are likely to be with you your whole life, but you can manage and prevent them from becoming symptomatic by talking to your doctor or dermatologist.

Treating dry scalp with dandruff shampoo isn’t only going to be ineffective, but you’re going to waste time waiting for the results to show when they never will.

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Hydration is key

There are different elements that can wreak havoc on unruly hair and few are quite as ubiquitous as dehydration. Dry hair can get serious too, leading to hair loss.

The best way to stop dry hair is to prevent it as much as possible. This means identifying and avoiding sources like too much exposure to the sun and alcohol.

Drinking more water helps to hydrate your whole body, including your hair, but few treatments are as effective as the kind of moisturizing hair products shown here.

You need a multi-pronged approach or treatment and prevention to stop dry hair from recurring.

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Break up with breakages

Dry hair can also play a role in breakages if they are a common part of your life but that’s not the only reason breakages occur. Like the rest of the body, our hair is strengthened by the nutrients that we absorb through what we eat and drink.

You can strengthen your hair by getting a little more iron (found in lentils, beef, and peanuts), zinc (found in walnuts and almonds), and biotin (found in beans).

However, there are products like the one shown here the provides nutrition directly to your hair, so it doesn’t necessarily have to affect a diet if you’re currently holding a tight leash on what you eat. In the long-term, dietary changes are the most recommended, however.

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Add a little lustre

Dull looking hair may not strike you quite as disastrously as dry or breakage-prone hair but that doesn’t mean that it won’t have you feeling less self-confident when you’re trying to look your most glamorous.

Dehydration and a lack of the proper nutrients can also make your hair look much duller, but so can too much exposure to chlorine or salt in pools and seawater.

If you have hard water in your showers, that can really take a toll on your hair’s sheen, too. If you’re in a hard water area, then it’s a good idea to get a shampoo that purifies your hair as you wash it so you don’t feel the long-term effects.

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Out with the oil

Oily, greasy hair isn’t necessarily the worst thing for the health of your hair. Most of those oils are perfectly natural. But if you produce too much of them, it can really make you feel self-conscious.

There are plenty of natural remedies that work in combating oily hair, however. Aloe vera and lemon mixes can clean out of the oils without being too abrasive. After all, washing too much with conventional products can be counterproductive.

Using too much shampoo strips your hair of those natural oils, causing your head to produce a lot more in a display of overcompensation.

Combing your hair while you’re in the shower can ensure that your hair is getting the right levels of moisture, meaning that you’re less likely to produce excess oils.

unruly hair

We all have different hair, just as we have different bodies. Sometimes, generic one-size-fits-all care and treatment simply aren’t going to help you.

By getting specific, you’re a lot more likely to find the solution that meets your individual needs and give your hair the boost it needs.

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