Unexpected costs are the last thing new home owners need, especially first home buyers.

If you have just bought a home then congratulations. However, lots of people who buy properties fail to save some cash in their budget for unexpected costs.

With that in mind, I wanted to publish a post that highlights some of the most common expenditures you might have to make.

Of course, you should always pay for a building assessment before you sign on the dotted line. Still, there are some issues those checks won’t uncover.

For that reason, you need to keep some money aside in case you encounter the problems listed below.

Unexpected Costs: A Malfunctioning Hot Water System

It goes without saying that your family can’t live in a home without hot water. Considering that, you should always check the ensure the system works before you agree to purchase the property.

Still, you might have to wait weeks after that until you get the keys. During that time, anything could happen. Hot water system repairs and maintenance are essential if you spot any issues.

Thankfully, they’re not usually that expensive if you deal with the problem fast. So, make sure you leave some funds in your accounts in case the worst occurs.

A significant percentage of buyers have to spend money on their hot water systems, although most of them just update the current solution.

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Unexpected Costs: Weather damage to the roof

The chances of your checking the roof when you view a house are slim. You don’t want to risk your life, and the owners probably wouldn’t let you up there.

For that reason, it’s vital that you ask the people performing the building assessment to take a look. They will still deem the structure as safe, even if the roof has some mild damage.

Harsh weather conditions can lift tiles from their places and send them crashing down onto the floor. If you don’t deal with that problem, your entire house could suffer water damage.

So, make sure you pay experts to fit some new tiles if there are any worrying gaps.

unexpected costs


Unexpected Costs: Electrical faults

Electrical faults are common when you first move into a house. That is especially the case if you’re buying something that is more than twenty years old.

Sure, the plug sockets might work fine when you go to view the property. However, you might discover that particular switches cause a short and the power goes off.

There are a huge number of electrical faults that could occur when you first move into the home. For that reason, it’s vital that you keep the details of a local electrician handy.

You might have to pay an extortionate call out fee, and you will have to cover the cost of labour. So, that’s another reason you need some cash in your accounts.

If you’re aware of those potential costs, you should plan your budget a little better than you would have done.

Just remember that you never stop spending the moment you move into a new house. There are always additional costs involved, and so you should plan for them.

Failure to do that could mean you have to take out another loan and get into debt. Nobody wants that to happen.

unexpected costs


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