Unconventional outdoor space can give your home a truly individual vibe. Whether it’s big or small, doing something different is always a delightful challenge for people who love doing things around their home.

Our homes serve a lot of purposes. Not only are they someway to enjoy shelter, but they’re also where we feel safe, where we eat, and where we’re loved.

But, they’re also where we entertain and are social. Even if you have the most amazing kitchen-dining space, there’s nothing like heading outside in the summer to entertain friends and family.

When you have an unconventional outdoor space, you can sometimes feel as if you can’t be the perfect host. But that’s not true. Just because you don’t have a traditional garden or outdoor area doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of your space and put on the best social gatherings.

unconventional outdoor space

Roof Terrace

If you live in an apartment or condo block, you may have very little outside space. But what you could have is a roof terrace. Even when you own your own home, you may even have a terrace up on the roof.

So, how do you make that work? Well, with a bar of course. There’s nothing quite like spending summer evenings out on your roof terrace with a cocktail in hand, talking with friends and enjoying the view.

I have seen very clever use of roof space with either drop down interior ladders or a small spiral staurcase from an outdoor balcony. If you are desperate for some more outdoor space, speak at an Architect or Builder about what’s possible with your home. You may be very surprised at what can be achieved.

unconventional outdoor space


When you live in an urban area, there’s every chance that your outside space will be a courtyard, rather than a garden. It’s often the case if you’ve got the bottom floor apartment too. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have an incredible space.

In your courtyard, you can still fit all of the bbq equipment you need to throw a great party. Complete with a dining set that will fit in the space and some lighting, it can be a cozy social space.

If you lack space, choose an outdoor setting whereby chairs can be tucked neatly under the table when not in use. Or investigate built-in banquette seating with under-seat storage. Use double-duty furniture such as an ottoman that can double as seating or a coffee table.

Try discount retailer Deluxe Products for outdoor and LED furniture that’s a bit different. VidaXL is a discount and auction site with a huge range of indoor and outdoor furniture, homewares, equipment, toys and games, pet supplies and much more.

unconventional outdoor space


Even if you have a teeny tiny balcony, there’s still a lot you can do with it. You may not be able to fit in a huge dining set and cooking equipment, but you can definitely make it look incredible.

With as much seating as you can fit without it looking overcrowded, maybe even a bench, and a lot of potted plants, you can make your garden have it’s appeal. So you only be able to entertain a handful of people, but you can still enjoy the views and relax on an evening or weekend.

Vertical gardens are perfect for small balconies as they take up virtually no room. They provide a garden experience no matter the size, shape, or heiht of your space.

And here’s a thought – you don’t even need real plants. Go to IKEA and buy faux plants (that look very real) and cheap metal containers ($2.95 when I was in IKEA last week) and simple nail the metal pots to a length of wood and pop the fake plant in to each. Simples.

unconventional outdoor space


Sometimes, your unconventional outdoor space is in the form of a porch. Whether it runs a circle of your house, or can only be found on one end, there’s a lot you can do to make it social. Porches look incredible with quaint seating.

Whether you want a lovely looking couch, wicker chairs, a wooden bench, or even a bar that runs the width of your handrail, you can make the area highly social, but still, ensure it’s in keeping with your decor.

Try Pottery Barn for a wide range of rustic furniture, lighting, and homewares that are perfect for an American-style porch.


If you have a patio in your backyard, you have the perfect space to socialise whatever the weather. Sunny days are simple, but you can also enjoy your patio space and entertain in this area on rainy days with Outdoor Patio Roofing. Add some seating and you’ll be comfortable and sheltered for hours!

unconventional outdoor space


A beach house is always fun to decorate, and can be an unconventional outdoor space. Perhaps you’re not always sure what to do with the outside space when your house backs on to the beach.

It’s definitely a great idea to utilize the beach, but you may also want to think about adding to it with a decked area or stones if you’re permitted. That way, you can create a social area without having to be directly on the beach.

Hammocks are the perfect accessory for a beach space and also outdoor showers and baths.

unconventional outdoor space

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