Tyler Tolman grew up with a neurosurgeon Father who actively studied ancient civilisations and their secrets to health and longevity.

Tyler is now teaching what HE has discovered and helping people to lead healthier, fitter, more productive lives… for longer.

I spoke to Tyler from his enchanted base in Bali where bathing in the freshest water, walking on the beach, hiking and fasting are very much part of his lifestyle. In this interview, Tyler Tolman discusses the scientific reasons for his lifestyle and why he hosts retreats in Bali. We also chat about his global seminars, fasting for good health, and why he feels compelled to share what he knows with the rest of the world.

You’ll also be SHOCKED at some of the information Tyler shares about ‘modern’ diseases, what we absorb through our skin and the effects of chlorine in our water. You’ll want to listen to this interview more than once.


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Tyler Tolman

I was really fascinated by this interview because we are given so many different messages about health and wellbeing. The landscape of what we should and shouldn’t eat is constantly changing. So too the issues of fasting and detox. When you listen to Tyler Tolman you’ll hear a man who has studied well, backs up his assertions with science, and is living proof of what he espouses.

When he talks about fasting for 21-days on water only, and the reasons WHY it works it’s not quackery; although he admits that some people may think he’s a bit of quack. Tyler talks about ketosis, how animals heals themselves, how quickly hr healing process begins when fasting, and the reasons why we need to help our bodies detox. Fascinating.

Tyler Tolman also provides great information on his website. You’ll find free resources, juice cleanse recipes, information about his retreats and seminars, so you can decide for yourself. Listening to this interview will also provide you with useful information and food for thought… ‘scuse the pun.

Listen here and you can also download this interview from SoundCloud and iTunes (click the relevant links on the sidebar) and take it with you.

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