A tree change is when you get sick of city life and head to the beauty and tranquility of tree lined mountains, fresh air, and a rustic slice of life.

Have you ever thought about buying a little place in the mountains to get away from it all? Many of us have, but when we look in depth at such a tree change is it really worth our time and money? Read on to find out.

Tree Change, Yes – Architecture

Firstly, one of the biggest pulls of moving to a cabin in the mountains is the fantastic rustic look that many of these properties have. You can expect buildings in a traditional style, built from wood and stone.

Many of these mountain homes for sale also have a traditional veranda around the outside as well. Something that is just perfect for sitting and watching the sun go down. Or even as a place to drink your morning coffee, and say hello to the day.


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Tree Change, No – Change of Pace

Now, for many folks, the change of pace to the country life is just what they are after when the buy a property in the mountains. They are looking for things to be a little slower, to know their neighbors and the other folks that live in their town, and to be part of a real community.

However, for some people, this might not work. Especially if they are used to living in an urban area with a fast paced life. That is why you have to think carefully about the emotional effect of moving to the mountains before you make your decision.


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Tree Change, Yes – Scenery

Another huge plus regarding moving to the mountains includes the wonderful scenery and views that you can expect to be greeted by each morning. What could be more picturesque than being able to look out over the misty mountain peaks

Of course, depending on the location you choose you may also have a wonderful view of the forest or lakes as well. Something that means it’s easy to get out into nature more often, as it’s right there in your backyard.


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Tree Change, No – Isolation

Many mountain lodges and cottages are located in quite isolated spots. This is perfection for many people, as they are looking to get away from the rat race and really immerse themselves in the wilds of nature. But for others not being able to see their neighbor’s homes can cause them anxiety and fear.

That is why it can be a good idea to take a vacation in a home similar to the one you are considering buying before you make your purchase. As then you can get a sense of whether the increased space is something that is nourishing to your soul or not.


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Boral Timber

Tree Change, Yes – Investment

Lastly, another strong positive for moving to the mountains is that buying this type of real estate can be a real investment in your future. Not only will you have a place to either live in or take vacations at, but you also have the capital of the cabin to rely on when you decide it’s time to sell up.

Of course, cabins and lodges in particular beautiful locations with good vacation amenities are always going to fetch a premium price. So it should be pretty easy to come out with an increase in the original investment you have made.


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