Homeowners spend more time and money on home improvement renovations expecting to recoup when they sell their home. However, because of the coronavirus pandemic, people are moving less frequently.

For this reason, the home renovation market has grown tremendously over the last few months. But not all home renovation projects yield the same payback.

Therefore, you need to only invest in projects that will give you high returns when the time comes to resell your home.

Best Home Improvement Renovations for 2020

Manufactured stone veneer

Stone siding is aesthetically pleasing. However, real stone can quickly become expensive, so a manufactured stone veneer siding makes a perfect substitute. It can add curb appeal to your home but at a fraction of the price. You can use a stone veneer to spruce up your front entryway.

Garage door replacement

One of the best home improvement renovations that will recoup your initial investment and add value to your home is replacing your garage door. This project involves the complete replacement of a 16-foot by 7-foot garage door. According to U.S. News, the new trend is to install a garage door with windows featured in the top panel to add more beauty. Additionally, a new garage door comes with heavy-duty steel tracks and a lifetime warranty.

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A modest kitchen remodel

When it comes to the cost of remodeling a kitchen, the sky’s the limit. However, rather than tearing down your kitchen and starting from scratch, you should ask yourself whether buyers will be willing to pay for the upgrades? Most likely, they won’t.

Instead, consider upgrading the outdated kitchen, countertops, and cabinetry with new materials. This is also the right time to contract Aussie Electrical & Plumbing experts to replace your old and leaking plumbing. If you decide to switch from an electric stove to a new gas line, your technician will help you with this and even install a shut-off valve box for your refrigerator.

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Minor bathroom remodel

These types of home improvement renovations don’t include the master bedroom. To be able to regain more than 70% of your investment, you may want to remodel to a second bathroom. You can do this by replacing your small tub with a bigger one. Ideally, a porcelain-on-steel tub and a new shower head can transform your bathroom. You can also replace the sink and countertop and the medicine cabinet.

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New wood deck

Most homebuyers want a home where they can entertain their friends and family, and a deck makes the perfect place to relax and entertain guests. Wooden decks can add value to your home and almost cover the initial cost.

Additionally, when properly constructed and with proper maintenance, they can last for up to 20 years. Because a wooden deck is expensive to install, only install a new one if your contractor recommends it. Most of the time, all that is needed is a minor renovation to bring back the deck to its former glory.

Window replacement

Apart from giving your home a new look, new windows also help lower energy costs. Most home buyers want window replacement upgrades, and they will pay top dollar for them.

Final Thoughts

The government has requested people to stay home to help stop the spread of COVID-19. To enjoy your stay at home, you need to make your home beautiful and more comfortable, and you can achieve this by making home improvement renovations. However, only make home renovations that will suit your needs and offer a return on investment.

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