The tone zone is the most talked about area when people are wanting to change their body. Tone up and the rest of your body will follow.

To achieve the best body look, a lot of people like to tone their muscles to make them appear more defined. Toning up helps define a six pack or v-lines. And, it’s done to make parts of the body look lean. Toning is not a quick fix particularly if you have layers of fat covering your muscles. You could work for months to strip back those layers before you see the defined muscle, but don’t give up.

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Stationary Tone Zone

Some of the best exercises for toning your body are stationary. This means that you don’t have to perform high-impact movements when you’re doing them, but you do have to maintain the same position for an extended time.

One of the best examples of an exercise like this is a plank. You position yourself as if you’re in the middle of a press up. And, then, you briefly clench your bum and tummy to level out. Holding this position is a great challenge. Of course, over time, you will be able to hold it for longer and longer.

Finding exercises like this is just a matter of doing some research. If you only opt for lifting heavy weights or high-impact exercise try to include body toning exercises like the plank and walking squats to tone up.

Stationary activities will do some of the work however cardio exercises are always required to boost fitness too. There’s no point in toning up if you’re not also losing some weight. Losing a little bit of weight on the side will greatly increase the benefits of toning your body. Low-impact cardio exercises are generally very safe, depending on your current fitness level.

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Low Impact Tone Zone

Most people find that they can run or cycle for minutes or hours before they start to feel exhausted, depending on how fit you are. Depending on how fit you are and how far you run, you may not need a day’s break between these sorts of exercises. Just doing a little bit of exercise every day will be enough for a lot of people to lose enough weight for their toning to pay off.

There is more to this than the work you do at the gym, though. Along with getting toned and slimming down; you can make some permanent changes to add further benefits. It’s becoming more and more common for people to get ab implants, which make their abs look defined and toned all the time.

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Surgery Tone Zone

A lot of women choose to get breast augmentation surgery, to make their torso look much more defined. There are implants available for most parts of your body. However, any cosmetic procedure is still a medical procedure so ensure your surgeon is well qualified, licensed and insured.

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Eating Tone Zone

It goes without saying that you have to exercise like a marathon runner to lose weight if you continue to eat and drink all the wrong things. So any fitness plan must be accompanied by an eating plan. In fact, why not have a positive lifestyle change and make exercise and eating healthily your new lifestyle, not just a ‘thing’ for a short period. Consider having tasty recipes and fresh ingredients delivered straight to your door by Marley Spoon and keep on track.

Today you can start your journey to being cut like a rock if you wish. Your efforts will always pay off and start to be noticed pretty soon. Those around you will see that you’ve been making changes. And, you will probably start getting more admiring looks

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