More and more people are choosing to set up their own business. Managing a company can afford more flexibility, but it can be incredibly challenging to juggle being the boss with raising children or running a household.

Whether you’ve recently launched a new venture, or you’re a few years down the track and you’re expanding your business, here are some tips to help you find a healthy balance. 

Time management

Time management is one of the most valuable skills you can possess as an adult with a hectic schedule. If you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, or you’re constantly under pressure with demands and requests coming in from all angles, it’s wise to adopt some measures and strategies to cope. One of the most important lessons to learn is when to say no. Many of us are guilty of taking on too much, usually because we don’t want to let other people down. Saying no can help to ease the burden. If you’ve got too much work on, don’t be afraid to turn down a job that you don’t want or need or to say no to an invitation to a networking event when you’ve promised the kids a day out or you’re long overdue a weekend away from your desk. It’s also hugely beneficial to try and get into a routine and adopt core hours so that you maximize your time and ensure you have sufficient downtime. Working longer hours doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be more productive. It’s best to allow yourself time to rest, to socialize and spend quality time with your children and to have a bit of time to yourself now and again. Nobody is superhuman. 

Technology, innovations and services

The way we work has changed dramatically due to the evolution of technology and the introduction of game-changing innovations. As a business owner, there are so many ways to save time. From utilizing the latest technology and automation software to taking advantage of services that are designed to optimize performance and save time and money, it’s possible to eliminate time-consuming processes and mistakes, free up time for employees and provide customers with a better service. If you manage a firm, look into ways you can streamline operations, save time on tasks and create a more efficient and productive model. Often, entrepreneurs spend so much time worrying about administration jobs or minor details that they don’t have the time to focus on the elements that will really push the business forward. For real estate agents, for example, using coordination tools and services that offer a real estate transaction checklist can save time, energy and money. For marketing and sales consultants, automating processes such as sending out promotional emails and submitting social media pasts at peak times removes important tasks from your to-do list at same time as creating leads. If you’re unsure how your business could benefit, look at what your competitors are doing, use customer feedback to generate ideas and think about which jobs take up the most time. 


Working remotely had become more common before the pandemic, but Covid-19 has driven a shift towards home working and flexible schedules, which looks set to stay. Flexibility is critical when trying to run a business and manage a household. Design a routine based on the demands on your time and your strengths. If you tend to work better in the mornings, for example, and you have children that are usually in school, it makes sense to start and finish early. If you have core hours for your team, you can provide flexibility outside of these hours, benefiting you and your employees. 


Outsourcing offers a raft of benefits for businesses of all sizes and it is becoming increasingly popular. The aim of outsourcing is to access skills and services that you don’t have in-house without adding to your wage bill on a long-term basis. Outsourcing can free up valuable time for your employees, enable you to benefit from expertise you don’t currently have on your team and save time and money on time-consuming tasks and jobs that don’t match the remit of your current workforce. Before you start looking for companies and agencies to work with, think carefully about what you want to outsource. Outsourcing should enable you to focus on the core elements of the daily running of your company. If you run a beauty business, you provide business consulting services, you have a clothing brand or you run a physical therapy practice, for example, you could consider outsourcing IT support, digital marketing, cleaning and payroll services. Hire firms or individuals who have the relevant expertise, look for companies that offer a bespoke, personalized service and compare quotes before you make a decision. 

Asking for help

Many parents and entrepreneurs are too proud to ask for help and they try to soldier on, working all hours and getting no sleep. Running on empty won’t help your family or your company. It’s important to recognize when you need help. If you’re rushed off your feet at work, consider adding to the team, outsourcing or delegating. If you’re having trouble balancing meetings with picking the kids up from school, don’t be afraid to ask siblings or friends to lend a hand, join forces with other parents in the neighborhood or ask your employees to step in and help to cover work-related tasks. If your business is growing, you’ll need extra pairs of hands. It’s essential to understand that you can’t do everything. Making the right decisions when it comes to managing your time will benefit you, your family, your employees and your customers. 

Many parents are currently juggling running a business and a household. It can be challenging to find a balance when your schedule is packed, and often, we experience guilt or run the risk of burnout because we take on too much. Hopefully, the steps in this guide will help you to find a healthy balance, which enables you to juggle multiple balls with minimal stress. 

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