A timeless bathroom echews the trends and fads that can see a room date quickly.

When decorating an essential part of the house, like a bathroom, it can be expensive. This is one room where costs can add up quickly do it pays to design a timeless bathroom that will stand the test of time.

Rooms like the lounge and bedroom can be completely reimagined through a lick of paint. And even the furniture can easily be replaced compared to rooms like the kitchen and bathroom – where the appliances need fitting for you and aren’t as simple as picking it up and popping in a new flat-pack bathtub.

But as everyone has their own version of what looks good, creating a timeless bathroom can be subjective. The best way to do it is to choose your influences carefully and keep it simple.

Timeless Bathroom Guidelines


Most bathrooms tend to be the smallest room in the house, so using light colours is generally a good rule. This will create more of a ‘day spa’ vibe and be easier to keep clean..

A classic and timeless bathroom combination is to team crisp white with dark blue for a Hamptons feel. Add charcoal for a more masculine feel, or accents of gold for a polished look. With a crisp and simple palette you can always add colour variations through towels and window treatments without having to redecorate the whole bathroom.

If you choose to use colour, keep it minimal and never choose a coloured bath suite – that avocado green toilet that your grandparents had will never come back in style.

timeless bathroom


Tiles are an extremely popular choice for a timeless bathroom and are often used in conjunction with a painted wall. If you are introducing colour with your tiles, then only tile a select area rather than the whole room.

Grouting can easily age a bathroom when not properly cleaned, and even then it gets to a point where regrouting is needed to keep it all looking fresh.

Replicate a tiled floor with well-fitting lino especially formulated for bathrooms and wet areas – a lot easier to maintain.

Shower Curtain/Divider

Where curtains have, in the past, been the go-to, nowadays when you instal a bath-shower combination, it’s much more likely that you’ll be offered a glass divider instead of a curtain rail.

Now this is completely up to you – if you have a classic claw-footed bath then a divider won’t really work for you, plus a divider doesn’t always work in tiny bathrooms as there isn’t enough space.

Although in those cases, the best idea would be to swap the tub for a standing shower. A divider does offer a more seamless look and won’t need replacing anywhere near as often as a curtain.

timeless bathroom

Shaynna Blaze bathroom design for Reeece


When you think about an outdated bathroom you think of cheap strip lighting or mounted wall lights, which don’t do much to lighten the room.

In a timeless bathroom you will want a well-lit room perfect for makeup application and shaving. Wall sconces positioned at eye level on either side of a mirror are perfect for applying makeup. Consider overhead lights or even a cluster of three pendants, hung at different heights, in the corner.

Consider using a dimmer or use two circuits to dim the room for relaxing baths.


Keep it stainless steelĀ or chrome for tapware. The crisp silver finishes has been a classic part of bathrooms for years and will be for years to come.

Taps, showers, flush levers, when matched, creates a consistent finish to the room. It also matches the silver tone of the mirror which is a stable part of any bathroom.

However, tapware is one of the easiest items to change out so you can be more ‘on-trend’ than classic in a timless bathroom by changing tapware in a few years.

timeless bathroom

Modern bathroom textiles from Aura by Tracie Ellis

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