When you tackle the space of a newly purchased home, you have the opportunity to create YOUR desired home.

As amazing and terrifying it may be, the moment you sign on the dotted line and squeeze your new keys so tightly they make a perfect impression in your palm is the moment the real work to tackle the space begins. The ‘house to home’ space.

We know that may sound exhausting, especially if you are coming off the back of a super-stressful buying process but, trust us, this kind of work can be super-fun. You have the chance to get all creative and make your new house the home you had hoped it would become when you first set eyes on it.

This is your chance to tackle the space make your new home everything your old rented one wasn’t.

But before you head to the self-storage facility and start moving all your boxes, belongings and big bits of essential furniture into your home, now is the time to tackle a few decorating tasks.

We know this may sound like a pain in the you-know-where, but it will be less painful than having to move all your stuff from corner to corner, stacking and unstacking as you go. Mmmm hmmmm.

So, without further ado, here are the awesome assignments you won’t regret tackling while the space is completely yours.

tackle the space

The Order Of Play

Nothing is more overwhelming than staring at an empty house and trying to decorate all of it at once. In time, you will have the whole house decorated to your liking to your style – but breaking it down and prioritising certain rooms will get the brush rolling.

As a sort of golden rule, start with high traffic areas; living room, kitchen, dining space and any other area that will be used for a) entertaining guests and b) getting your much-needed downtime in. Once you’ve come up with an order of play, stick to it.

The Floor Is Yours

The floor throughout your home is arguably the biggest space of all and so it naturally draws the eye. Giving this a little spruce up before it begins to fill up with clutter has the power to transform your home.

So, if you have a wooden floor, especially downstairs, then you should seriously consider sanding them down, polishing them up and then oiling them. You don’t want to get everything in, figure out where it is all going to go, reshuffle it half a dozen times and then decide that, actually, you quite want to give the floor a once-over.

You may be fine with it, your significant other, however, may have a hard time hiding their emotions.

tackle the space

Four Blank Canvases

To avoid the hassle of moving everything in and then having to move it back out again, get painting first. This will mean no heavy lifting, no giant games of Jenga and no risk of covering your new(ish) sofa in a teal color caused by the fabled tired arm syndrome.

So, pick which walls-slash-rooms you want to paint, pick a color and then start from the top, working your way down. Be prepared, this is a messy job, and you’ll be over the moon you listened to our advice when you see just how much paint flicks about the place.

tackle the space

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