A swimming pool is more than a cool oasis of blue on a hot day. It’s a wonderful place around which to entertain friends and a refreshing way to get fit.

Having an outdoor swimming pool in your back garden is a sign that you’re going places in the world. But buying a swimming pool isn’t as easy as just ringing somebody up and asking them to build one for you. Swimming pools need a long preparation phase to get right, otherwise you risk wasting your money. Here are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before investing in an outdoor pool.

Question #1: What Features Do I Want?

Swimming pools aren’t just big tubs of water anymore. They now come with a range of features to help make them both more practical and enjoyable. Modern pools come with a range of features, like swim-up bar areas, underwater seating, underwater current systems which keep you in place as you swim (ideal if you hate doing lengths), and underwater handrails. Choosing the right features can make or break your new pool, so think about which features you choose carefully.


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Question #2: Where Will The Swimming Pool Be Located?

Ideally, you’d put your pool somewhere of your choosing. But thanks to local planning laws, that might not be possible. Many areas have restrictions on the placement of pools, thanks to water run off. Some municipalities also specify that pools must be fenced off and that they can’t be placed near critical gas and electricity junctions according to www.sa.gov.au.

This might sound more like a minor headache than a major problem, but it can have unforeseen negative impacts if not carefully considered. Think about where you and your guests will congregate. Also, consider whether the permitted location of the pool will be overlooked, or whether it will be too close to other garden features.

Question #3: Am I Prepared To Maintain My Swimming Pool?

Swimming pools aren’t just something you build and forget about, like a conservatory. They need constant maintenance, according to www.slaterpumpsmelbourne.com.au, especially the pumps. Swimming pool pumps can easily become clogged and worn out, particularly around this time of year when trees are shedding their leaves. Owners of swimming pools need to be clear with themselves that they are willing to put in the time and money it takes to maintain a pool, otherwise, your investment could end up backfiring.


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Question #4: Who Will Use My Swimming Pool?

Another important question is; who is the pool for? If it’s for romantic encounters, then you’ll want a different design to a pool that’s for kids to play in. Kids pools should have shallow areas for them to learn how to swim. They should also have things like diving boards, grab rails and so on. Pools for couples are more focused on being beautiful and creating the right atmosphere.

Question #5: Is My Garden Suitable For A Swimming Pool?

Building a pool isn’t as simple as digging a hole in the ground. The garden itself must be suitable, otherwise your entire property could be at risk. Sandy ground, for instance, isn’t usually suitable. So too is a high water table, which can cause high construction costs. Some homeowners can pay an additional $30,000 just to prepare their land for a pool.

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