Susana Montero didn’t want to simply open a hairdressing salon, she wanted to open an environmentally responsible, green salon that positively impacted her entire community.

How successful was she? Well, let’s just say that La Unica Salon is more than just an award-winning salon for hair, it’s an award-winning salon for ‘Green’. Susana explains the lengths she goes to in the salon, including it’s own worm farm.



La Unica Salon w/ Susana Montero

Susana Montero talks ‘Clean’ and ‘Green’

I was expecting to chat with Susana Montero about her work as an award-winning hairdresser and colourist, which I did. Susana talked about trends in hairdressing, cut and shape, plus her top three product recommendations. However, we also talked at length about the work of La Unica Salon in being ‘green’. That’s not simply about using organic shampoos and colours that are environmentally friendly. oh no… so much more, as I found out. La Unica Salon has it’s own worm farm, foils are recycled in a unique way, and waste is measured and reduced to the minimum. There are other ways Susana Montero organises her business towards being organic, ethical and green – and one of them involves collecting old electrical equipemtn form cleints. Not just hairdyers and flat irons, but even toasters. Clients then recieve a discount on their purchase of electrical hairdressing accessories. Bring in a toaster and walk out with a flat iron? You bet!

Susana’s Top Three Styling Products

De Lorenzo Elements Sandstorm

De Lorenzo Defence Extinguish

De Lorenzo Elements Motion

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