Summer fashion is becoming a priority for our Northern Hemisphere readers. Yes, we’ve almost made it guys! Yahhhh. The last signs of winter are melting away, the sun’s staying out for longer, and we’re starting to smell barbecue wherever we go.

We’re all feeling ready for summer, but is your wardrobe? If you’re still leaning on clothes that are ideal for the chilly gusts of autumn and winter, then you’ve got a lot of catching up to do! While you’re getting psyched-up for the summer fashion shopping spree here are a few top tips. Keep these in mind, and you’ll be able to step into summer feeling comfortable and looking cool.

Stock Up on Loose Clothes

Obviously, you don’t want to spend all your beach parties and barbecues feeling like a sweaty disaster, so make sure you stock up on loose-fitting clothes. With less fabric touching your body, you’ll feel cooler in your summer fashion when that heat wave rolls around. Despite what many people think, a loose, flowing maxi dress will keep you feeling much cooler and more comfortable than some denim shorts and a tight-fitting tank.

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Avoid Flimsy Fabrics. They Get Sticky!

True, lightweight fabrics are excellent for when the weather gets hot. However, if they’re overly slinky, and don’t have much structure to them, they’ll stick to you the moment you start to perspire. If you get the choice between two items in a flimsy fabric and one more expensive piece with a better structure to it, then go with the latter. You’ll thank yourself when the weather really starts to warm up.

Listen to the podcast with fashion designer Gemma Sacassan who graduated as a fashion designer at the age of 54 and showed her first collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in 2016.

Get Some Open-Weave Knits

You’re going to want at least a few pieces for layering. When it comes to knits, always go with open-weaves rather than any alternative styles. This way, you’ll be able to feel every refreshing breeze, and look great while you’re at it.

Start Saving Today

The most financially savvy fashionistas will buy months in advance, out of season, when the prices are exceptionally low. If you’re looking to avoid spending too much on your summer fashion, then, unfortunately, you’ve missed this particular boat! Our recommendation is that you start saving as soon as possible, so you have a nice cash cushion to lean on when you hit the stores. You can also save money by checking out promotions on couponing sites, like these Herberger’s coupons & promo codes 2017.

summer fashion

Buy Natural Fabrics

With summer fast approaching (for some lucky readers), you should be buying more natural fabrics than anything synthetic. Cotton, for example, is always more breathable than man-made fibers such as polyester. It also tends to be better at absorbing sweat and drying out faster. This means that you won’t feel as sweaty and sticky as you would if you were wearing a synthetic fabric.

Listen to the podcast with fashion designer Carolyn Whitford of Baz Inc who designs fashionable clothing in natural fibers for busy women on the go.

Take Hot Showers

When the sun’s white hot and bearing down on us, a cold shower might feel more refreshing and comfortable. However, this will make your body raise your internal temperature, and you’ll find yourself sweating much more and much earlier in the day. By taking hot showers, and making sure you remove any dead skin cells, you’ll keep at a much more comfortable temperature.

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Keep Everything as Fresh as Possible

We all know that re-wearing your summer fashion in-between washes is a great way to avoid doing more laundry. However, even light wearing can leave dirt, cosmetics, and skin cells in the fibers of your clothes. This, in turn, makes them much less breathable, and means you’ll feel hotter and sweatier when you step out in them. Yes, it means a little more ironing if you always wash your clothes. However, it also means a much more enjoyable summer!

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Go Easy on the Accessories

When you’re planning your summer fashion, try to keep away from certain accessories. While accessories can be an incredibly easy way to refresh an outfit, anything metal or made with heavy beading should be a real no-go when summer rolls around. These will weigh down your summer fashion pushing the fabric closer to your skin, and trapping your body heat.

Listen to the podcasts with celebrity jewelry designer, Samantha Wills, who is based in NYC, and jewelry curator Aleen Apanian who brings unique and iconic designs together on her website, The Dark Horse.

Have a Hat

Every girl needs a summer hat to polish off her outfit, and carry the shade with her wherever she goes. A wide-brimmed hat in black, white or another neutral shade will see you through all the way to next season. You may also want a lightweight scarf on hand when the weather starts getting hot. If you ever feel you’re getting too much sun, you can just drape one of these over your shoulders for a bit of much-needed shade. Many of these are so light that you’ll barely even notice them!

Stick to Unlined Dresses, Jackets and Skirts

To be honest, this applies to literally any piece of summer fashion that typically comes with lining! Lining is not only one more layer that will sit between your skin and the cool, breezy air, but it’s also usually synthetic. As we mentioned before, synthetic materials can cause you to get a sweat on in the worst sense of the phrase, and leave you walking around feeling like you’re trapped in a you-sized sauna.

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Ditch a Backpack for a Small Tote or Crossbody

In the peak of summer, the last thing you want is a bulky backpack hanging off your shoulders, causing sweat to stream down your back. With all that hot weather fast approaching, take the opportunity to clean your backpack out and get back to basics, looking at some nice small tote bags, or even crossbodies. The less you’re carrying around, the less you’ll exert yourself, and the less sweaty you’ll be overall.

Listen to the podcast with Mat Dusting of M-24 and how he creates desirable bags from something derelict.

Choose Light Colors and Patterns

As versatile as black and navy colors are, in summer fashion they’ll absorb more heat than any other color. Too many darker shades can swiftly turn your whole summer into one long, sticky nightmare! On the other hand, lighter shades and whites will reflect the sunlight, and keep you cool. This is one detail of a fashionable and comfortable summer wardrobe that a lot of women tend to forget, so be sure to remind yourself of it when you hit the mall!

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